Perspectives from ISB

“We live under the same blue sky, we just have different horizons. You need to have aspiration “

The power of faith and marketing and its impact on people’s lives – for it is one simple advertisement on Social Media that started me on my journey to ISB.

I too used to believe that ISB required a GMAT and at least 2 years of work experience at the time of application. That one advertisement, however, showed that ISB accepted the GRE score as well for their flagship PGP program and that there were a few days left for the R2 deadline. I had already applied to 4 schools in the US, so I had my GRE score ready, some basic essay points, so I decided to have enough faith to apply for ISB as well.

When I finally cleared the shortlist and interview round, I could not believe that serendipity, one advertisement, and just enough faith in myself paved the way for me to embark on a dream bschool. So humbled to belong to such a diverse cohort.

Author: Ruchira Singh, PGP Class of 2023

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