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Rahul Bhattacharjee, PGPpro Co’19, is a Talent Advisor at EY Global Delivery Services (EYGDS) in Bengaluru. He collaborates with stakeholders across the company to scale up hiring and aims to make the hiring process scalable, smooth, and successful for everyone in the recruitment engine. He has a challenging job, but he loves the impact it has on EYGDS. The wealth of learning his role provides makes the job enjoyable.


Choosing ISB over others for Rahul was rooted in ISB’s reputation for academic excellence; a curriculum that addresses real-world business challenges; a diverse and accomplished faculty; an opportunity to bond with a high-calibre peer group; and an energetic learning environment.

“ISB has been a dream since 2005. I wanted a learning experience that aligned with my career goals. My aim was to enhance my skills and broaden my perspective without interrupting my professional journey. Additionally, ISB’s strong industry connections and networking opportunities with a cohort that is amazingly diverse has the potential to contribute to a long-term career growth,” he says.

Increased confidence leads to life-changing transformation

Equipped with skills and knowledge, strengthened by a strong network of distinguished leaders and an expanded vision of business, Rahul feels more confident now. Networking with diverse professionals within his cohort enriched his learning and nurtured new ideas and collaborations.

PGPpro focuses on practical relevance and real-world applications. The skills and knowledge that I have gained have made me more confident in taking up greater responsibilities. I couldn’t ever imagine talking about financial statements or balance sheet but now when I go into the meetings, I am confident and comfortable talking about these.”

The competitive edge of PGPpro

PGPpro fosters a mindset of continuous improvement, strategic thinking, and a global perspective, Rahul says. These, he feels, have given him a competitive edge over his colleagues. As a result of enhanced business acumen, he can now contribute more effectively to strategic discussions and decisions in his organisation.

“The case-based learning and leadership development has better equipped me to tackle complex challenges and provided a strategic direction to my role. The practical learning ensures delivering practical solutions to business challenges.”

Applying PGPpro learning at the workplace

PGPpro’s practical curriculum influenced Rahul’s approach to leadership, team management, and problem solving. The teachings have become an integral part of his day-to-day decision making and actions, which he says contributes to his personal and organisational success.

“Opportunity to apply the learning on the ground helped me align my decisions with organisational goals. Team management based on various leadership modules helped me implement studies on team motivation, effective delegation, and create a positive work culture. This has caused me to maintain heathy team dynamics.”

International immersion opens up the mind and strengthens learning

International immersion at the National University of Singapore (NUS) exposed Rahul to diverse business environments and helped him enhance his understanding of global practices and cultural nuances.

“On the very first day at NUS we were invited to be a part of a workshop of a global investment bank. That engagement helped us understand strategic decision making and the contextualised strategies that organisations adopt at the global level. The cultural intelligence heightened my ability to collaborate in a globalised workplace which is very relevant to my workplace at EY GDS where we have close to 3 lakh people of different ethnicities working in the same organisation.”

Peer learning that goes beyond classroom education

“Peer learning has been the cornerstone of my learning. It is a practical and well-rounded approach to understanding complex business concepts. The variegated perspectives you come across while engaging with a diverse cohort enhance the learning experience and broaden your horizon. They prompt you to question yourself and re-evaluate your approaches towards problem solving.”

Rahul says leveraging the real-world insights brought by peer discussions provided a practical application of theoretical concepts. That made learning more tangible and helped connect the dots.

The advantages of ISB alumni network

To Rahul, the alumni network of ISB serves as an enduring source of enthusiasm. PGPpro is a great platform for networking and mentorship, collaboration, and continuous learning, he asserts. He says that the advantages extend beyond immediate career benefits and contribute to a lifelong journey of personal and professional development.

“The network of experienced alumni excites me. The rich resource pool offers vast knowledge in terms of diversified industry insights and trends; the valuable professional connections; mentorship and guidance; the career advancements in terms of job opportunities; industry events and learning from experienced alumni; collaborative initiatives and engagements through joint projects. Very importantly, the alumni extend a personal connection, a sense of community and mutual support.”   

Bringing energy and relevance to life

Being relevant to the times is crucial for Rahul. Embracing a learning mindset keeps him adaptable and informed in a rapidly evolving profession and in a world where technology is advancing so fast. Spending time with family and friends provides balance and connections.

“I engage myself with professional networks and communities. It helps me exchange ideas and remain attuned to industry trends. My favourite pastime is to dive into graphic novels. It’s a delightful blend of leisure and a constant reminder of the power of imagination and storytelling. The novels offer immersive escape and foster creativity. In my spare time I often explore the diverse narratives within the DC universe. I have a penchant for DC and Batman.”

Advice to incoming students

Success of PGPpro education goes beyond academic achievement, Rahul says. It’s a blend of holistic, personal, and professional development. Though the programme is demanding, one must cherish the connections and enjoy learning.

“My suggestion to the incoming students is that they approach the journey of learning with an open mind and stay committed to lifelong learning. Set clear goals and manage time effectively. Develop good connection with faculty, peers and alumni and seek support from them. Apply the lesson learnt to achieve tangible results and become a better person and professional.”

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