“PGPMAX helped me find my Ikigai” – Rachna Jaiswal

By | September 14, 2020|Admissions, Covid Times, Executive MBA, ISB, ISB Alumni, PGPMAX, Student Diaries, Student Life, Women Leaders, Women Leadership|

Career before ISB I am a qualified lawyer, and I worked with some of the top five law firms in the country for five years. Post that, I started my venture, which was manufacturing and export of leather goods. While my own business running, I took some strategic decisions for the business - we shifted [...]

“The supportive eco-system at PGPpro gave me the confidence to start my own venture” – Divya Juneja

By | September 4, 2020|Admissions, ISB, PGPpro, Student Diaries, Student Life|

Tell us about yourself, your current organisation and role, and your professional journey before joining PGPpro. I have been a market research professional for over 11 years now. My journey in my career had kind of hit a plateau where I wasn’t feeling quite stimulated by my job. There comes a time in everyone’s career, [...]

My PGP Story – Biju Mohandas

By | September 2, 2020|Admissions, ISB, PGP, Student Diaries, Student Life, YLP|

“I found my job post ISB at a campus party!” - Dr Biju Mohandas, Principal Investment Officer, International Finance Corporation, Sub-Saharan Africa, and PGP class of 2007 Joining ISB Started off my career, 20 years ago in the Indian army as part of the Indian Army’s medical core, worked with them as a short commission [...]

“ISB made me Industry as well as Function agnostic” – Pulkit Chhabra

By | August 30, 2020|Admissions, ISB, PGP, Student Diaries, Student Life, YLP|

Tell us a little about your current role. How did ISB help you in preparing for this role? I work for WeWork and my current role is Enterprise Growth and Expansion, which is essentially a Sales and Business Development role, where I generate multi-million dollar business from Large Enterprises & Fortune 500 companies along with [...]

From the Deep Sea to the Unchartered Waters

By | August 23, 2020|Admissions, ISB, PGPpro, Student Diaries, Student Life|

Life aboard a submarine isn't for everyone. Among one of the most trying assignments in the military, one that tests a sailor’s limits and endurance is that of a submariner. To be locked up in a windowless, cramped, steel contraption called a submarine requires a systematic mental and physical conditioning. It’s like being an astronaut [...]

The Codes of Paradigm Shift

By | August 20, 2020|Admissions, PGPMAX, Student Diaries, Student Life|

A psychology graduate churning out codes? That’s unusual, but it’s Krishma’s story, one she had not planned. Like many other parents, her father too insisted she pursue a career in either engineering or medicine but Krishma’s disinclination towards science would have none of it. Her father, persevering as he was, got her enrolled in a [...]

A candid conversation with Joy Sahoo!

By | July 30, 2020|Admissions, ISB, PGPpro, Student Diaries, Student Life|

"Professors at PGPpro helped me become a devil’s advocate to my own work" - Joy Sahoo, Brand Strategist at ByteDance and PGPpro alumni of 2018 We caught up with Joy Sahoo, PGPpro Co 2018, working as Brand Strategist at ByteDance, to get to know more about his ISB experience, and the difference PGPpro has made [...]

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