Hans Vestberg – An absolute delight and an Inspiration

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  -By Anurag Sabarwal Shaking hands with a corporate honcho running a 70 Billion Euro technological powerhouse like Ericsson is not an everyday experience for a student. But the other day it was just the thing that happened for many of us at ISB. We not only did shake hands with Hans Vestberg, President & [...]

‘Putting Life on the Page’- tips to write a great essay

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Essays are an important component of your ISB PGP application. They are a powerful tool to present your story, career goals and plan of action in a convincing and compelling way, and enhance your chance of getting an interview call. Writing essays is referred to as ‘Putting life on the page’. You need to bring alive your [...]

Decoding the Admissions Process for the YLP

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To an aspiring professional, there’s nothing more valuable than structured learning and mentoring at the right time. At ISB, we recognize the need for such expert guidance and have created the Young Leadership Programme (YLP) to fulfill the needs of undergraduate students who envision a lasting career in management. The YLP is open to applicants [...]

Know more about the Learning Weekends at YLP

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Charting out the right career path is a daunting task for any young dreamer. Harbouring a general idea of the career one wants to pursue is one thing, but knowing how best to create a successful career needs expert assistance from the industry. The Young Leaders Programme (YLP) at ISB bridges the gap between ambitious [...]

Why YLP is Ideal for the Leaders of Tomorrow

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The debate over whether great leaders are born or created has been in progress for decades. At ISB, we believe that individuals with latent potential can be groomed to become effective leaders, no matter what their field of specialisation is. Our alumni are a testament to this belief. Graduates from ISB have gone forth to hold [...]

A Closer Look at the PGP’s Five Learning Objectives

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The PGP has five primary learning objectives in creating a comprehensive learning environment, but how do these apply to the everyday experience of an ISB student? Let's take a closer look. 1. Interpersonal Awareness and Working in Teams Because the ability to work effectively as part of a team is essential in the contemporary business [...]

Introducing ISB 360: ISB’s Revolutionary Mobile App

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A staggering 4 billion of the planet’s 6.8 billion people use mobile. If the significance of these figures isn’t immediately clear, consider it this way: only 3.5 billion of those same 6.8 billion people use toothbrushes. With mobile growing by leaps and bounds and its impact still approaching critical mass, the takeaway for a thought leading [...]

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