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The 21st century economy is defined by globalism. Shouldn’t our future business leaders be educated in global environments? At the Indian School of Business (ISB), we are committed to the ideal that the best business training runs parallel to what’s happening in the real world. This is why we view diversity not just as a catchy buzzword, but as a campus-wide imperative.

Untapped Resources

Some obvious things come to mind when we talk about resources: capital, facilities, land. It’s easy to overlook one of the most valuable resources of all: people. ISB believes in the power and potential of our students and faculty as individuals and as collaborators. To that end, we strive to create an environment which comprehensively fosters diversity.

But why is diversity so important? Because real innovation is not shaped by a single or narrow ideology, but by the powerful exchange of information between people with different viewpoints. The broader our perspectives and more holistic our approach, the more creatively we can solve challenges, make decisions and push forward. “I think that when you have a number of people pulling in different directions, the solution that comes out of that seemingly conflicted environment is often more efficient and universally applicable than if you had a bunch of people thinking the same thing.”, says Angad Sethi, an ISB student.

ISB students originate from near and far, and we are committed to seeing our international enrollment grow. We are also home to a multitude of ethnic and racial groups, as well as people in all phases of their careers and an increasing number of women applicants.

Our students come to us with a breadth and depth of personal and professional experiences. We count scuba divers, musicians, mountaineers, elite athletes and artists among our students and alumni, as well as surgeons, accountants, dentists, engineers, IT professionals, consultants, pharmacists, patent holders, military officers, government personnel and entrepreneurs. Together, they comprise a vibrant community of broad thinkers with an abiding respect for different points of view. “Every person around is a wealth of information about a new domain. There is something new to learn from every person, every day!”, quotes Abhidha Awadaat, another student pursuing ISB’s PGP in Management.

And it’s not just the students. Our diverse faculty members promote an environment in which a global viewpoint transcends traditional boundaries.

The Spirit of Collaboration

While some b-schools may bring to mind thoughts of cutthroat, every-man-for-himself academic competition, we strive for a different environment here at ISB: rather than pitting individual students against one another, we pit them collaboratively against real world business challenges.

Furthermore, our Inbound and Outbound Exchange Programmes offer students the opportunity to network with people around the globe.

In working together, ISB students learn about the dynamics of management in other countries as well as in India’s emerging economy. They also develop real world skills such as teamwork, conflict resolution and accountability. When they graduate, they take with them these valuable tools — along with an enhanced understanding of the value of open dialogue. PGP ’15 candidate, Gautam Malhotra says, “Nowhere else would I have gained so much knowledge about different roles and industries in such a short duration. I truly feel enlightened!”

The global business landscape is in a constant state of evolution, and it is the enterprise of the forward-thinking business school to evolve along with it. At ISB, we do more than talk the talk: our commitment to internationalism and collaboration yields business innovators keenly prepared to learn and lead in equal measure.

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