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The applications for the Early Entry Option (EEO) for PGP are in progress and the last date for the same is just around the corner viz. on the 30th of April, 2014. Have you submitted your applications yet? If not, then here are a few pointers I would like to put across on how to make a strong EEO application. These will help you to increase your chances of securing an admission offer.

First of all, if you have made up your mind and are certain that you will be making a career in management someday, then congratulations! You are already showing some signs of leadership potential which we look for while assessing your application.

Parameters for evaluating an EEO application
When you apply for the PGP through EEO, your application is assessed on the following criteria:

Academic Capacity:
Your past academic performance plays a major role in EEO as it demonstrates that you can meet the academic rigor demanded by the PGP at ISB. This does not mean that you strictly need to ace in your academics. If you have a good GMAT score with a fairly balanced academics score, you stand a great chance too. By balanced academics, I mean consistency in your academic performance throughout and not just your 10th and 12th marks.

Balanced Personal Attributes
Your choice in extra-curricular activities and your involvement in them display your ability to lead and influence people, organize activities and your ambition to see a project to its end not just for the sake of it but with a flair that is typical of a person who is an aspiring leader. You should highlight these qualities in your essays. Your essays should clearly reflect what you are, your personality, your goals and expectations.

Mention your extra-curricular activities (achievements in sports, social service, college events etc.) and your past internships weaving them with your future goals. For example, if you want to make a career in FMCG marketing then link this with your college projects on rural marketing, internship in market research or advertising agency, etc. If you have any work experience, prioritize it in the flow of your essay and highlight the achievements associated with it. Remember that the key to composing a good essay is to be yourself while writing it. Make your essays so lucid that they differentiate you from the rest of the applicants.

Leadership potential
This attribute is evaluated mainly through the recommendations you submit. Recommendations from your college professor, department head, mentor at internship or at NGO/ sports academy etc. are very important when it comes to gauging your caliber as a leader. Be mindful about taking recommendations from people who know you well and can evaluate your abilities and potential thoroughly.If you ask a person who is not well acquainted with you, there is a possibility of them clicking on ‘Unable to evaluate’, an option given with every close ended question, which may go against you. So, when it comes to taking recommendations, the right people are the key than the people from top designations.

To cut this long story short, know that there is no separate weight-age assigned to any of the above parameters. Your application will be evaluated holistically and based on an overall evaluation an admit offer may be given. So, if you are an eager aspirant who wants to join ISB, then work on a strong EEO application right away and submit by 30th of April, 2014.

All the best!

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