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As Round 2 of the ISB PGP 2014-15 application season draws to a close on November 30, 2013, let me leave all our applicants with some final advice.

First of all, congratulations to those applicants from Round 1 who have received an offer of admission to ISB. I welcome you to the school and wish you the very best for the year ahead! From achieving your learning goals through classroom-based studies, interactions with faculty, applied learning and extracurricular activities, to campus life, international exposure, placement opportunities and finally joining the ISB alumni network, you are now boarding what we like to call the 51-week rollercoaster. So get ready, the year ahead is as challenging as it is exciting!

To those of you who did not receive an offer of admission this year, do not be disheartened. While many applicants do make it to ISB in their first attempt, a good number of admitted candidates every year are reapplicants from previous years who learnt from their application mistakes, worked on their weaknesses, showed great perseverance and built a strong case for why they should be part of the programme. So, if you believe that business education and ISB can help you build a stellar career, there’s nothing to stop you from going after what you want. Get back to the basics, figure out your next steps, work towards your goals and ensure that the coming year is going to be a phenomenal one for you. And when you’re ready, we’d like to meet you again.

Those of you who are applying in Round 2 and are just a few days away from the deadline, you know what you need to do. Give it your all, make no compromises and give yourself the best chance possible. If you missed last week’s post, do take a look at it for some useful tips on submitting your application. You are also advised to start preparing for interviews as early as possible.

To our international applicants: People say a year in B-school changes your life. People say a year in India changes your life. So are you ready to spend a year in a B-school in India? These are once-in-a-lifetime opportunities, so don’t be afraid to explore (you can take the first step here). Deadline to change your life through ISB is Jan 15, 2015.

Early Entry Option (EEO) candidates, the value proposition to you is similar – get a head start on building a great career by making use of a very good opportunity available to you right now. You can apply now, impress us with your track record as well as potential, and reserve your seat immediately. Later, when you have gotten sufficient work experience and are most receptive to learning, come join the rest of your class. Your deadline to apply to EEO is January 15, 2014. If you haven’t started your preparation already, now is the time to do so.

Dear readers, this concludes our conversations on this blog about the ISB PGP 2014-15 R1 and R2 application cycles, but you are always welcome to connect with my team and me through our traditional channels, as well as through social media. Whether you are joining the Indian School of Business family immediately, a little later in the future or not at all, I wish you great success in all your endeavours, and I encourage you to always keep learning.

All the best!

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