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ISB’s commitment to creating the world’s future business leaders involves far more than classroom learning. In addition to innovative programs and world-class faculty, ISB’s student clubs offer access to continued enrichment through leadership, social and personal experiences.

Coordinated and managed by ISB’s Graduate Student Board (GSB), student clubs — which are student-led and organized into teams — offer competitions, events, and activities across a diversity of student interests and talents. From the Energy Club’s annual Energy Summit to a student jam session with the Music Club, the campus is abuzz with enrichment opportunities.

Let’s take a look at a few of the ISB students who have led some ISB clubs:

  • Anmol Rastogi, President of Hyderabad’s Business Technology Club – Anmol uses his passion for technology and international work experience to lead the club in organizing interactive seminars in which participants apply technology to everyday business problems. He also leads the club’s collaborations with other student clubs, including Healthcare, Manufacturing, Retail, and Consulting.
  • Bhavna Choraria, President of Hyderabad’s Women in Business Club – Bhavna reports, “I believe in the importance of accepting the existence of diversity in this world and its direct relation with one’s overall learning & development. After all, as pointed out by Thoreau, it’s never too late to give up your baseless prejudices.” Bhavna spearheads organized speaker sessions, alumni interactions, workshops and seminars which provide industry and functional exposure to students.
  • Shõan Shinde, President of the Arts & Creativity Club – Shõan says: “The job of good art is not to please the eye; it is but to create turmoil in your head and your heart – to make you question, scoff, think, dream and be enthralled.” With a background in the arts and engineering, and an ongoing interest in both, Shõan promotes interactions with established art practitioners while fostering on-campus activities.
  • Ajay Shreenath, President of Mohali’s Quiz Club – Ajay who has a background in Engineering and Physics — leads the club in presenting out-of-the-box, on-the-fly thinking opportunities for students, such as the popular “Pub Quizzes”.

The complete list of student clubs at ISB includes:



Overall, ISB’s student clubs foster an engaged community in which students explore similar interests while interacting with alumni and professionals in their fields. This not only helps promote lifelong connections, but also delivers a deeper sense of personal and professional fulfillment.


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