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Vipender Mann, PGPMAX Co’23, is a lawyer and a senior partner at KNM & Partners Law Offices. Reared in the farming community of Karnal, Haryana in a mix of rural simplicity and urban hustle, Vipender has ploughed through life to acquire a versatile perspective on life and work. Being an NCC cadet, having taken flying lessons at Karnal Aviation Club and driven a truck, (to experience firsthand the realities and challenges of the transport business), has helped him reap the harvest of deep understanding of different walks of life. In the legal profession since 1998, his entrepreneurial drive founded KNM & Partners, a full-service law firm, in 2007.

Why ISB?

A lawyer opting for a programme like PGPMAX is awe-inspiring and Vipender can already see the impact of the programme coming to fruition. The whirlwind of stimulation and stretch experiences has changed him for the better, from a specialised legal advisor into a holistic business consultant with enhanced understanding of business and leadership. The dramatic changes within him are clearly visible.

“I sensed a need to broaden my perspective and move beyond mere information to fully grasp the diverse business challenges our clients faced. Seeking a deeper understanding of the client’s business is key to delivering satisfactory legal advice and improving my services.”

PGPMAX is specifically designed for working professionals and is focused on enhancing business acumen, communication skills, and entrepreneurial abilities. Its distinguished faculty, professional networking with a diverse cohort, and ties with the corporate world has accelerated the pace of his personal and professional development, and he sees a distinct change in his trajectory.

The ISB Experience

“PGPMAX has profoundly altered my career trajectory in ways I hadn’t anticipated. It unravelled the complexities of business management, spanning finance to strategy, enabling me to seamlessly align my legal expertise with the business needs of our clients.”

ISB is an academically and personally enriching experience, Vipender says. The networking opportunities help forge meaningful connections with experts across diverse sectors, paving the way for potential collaborations or entrepreneurial ventures in the future. Encouragement to free expression, theoretical insights, practical wisdom, and the process of exploration opens new horizons.

The faculty at ISB, drawn from world-renowned universities, stands out with their distinct teaching methodologies and remarkable ability to simplify complex concepts. The cohort is a dynamic mix of individuals from varied backgrounds that adds a multi-hued texture to collective learning experience.

Lessons Learnt

“The insights I’ve acquired have enabled me to evolve into a more effective lawyer, a proficient communicator, and a collaborative leader with a strategic mindset. An in-depth understanding of my clients’ industries has enabled me to offer legal counsel that aligns with their business objectives.”

Interdisciplinary strategic thinking, communication skills, teamwork, have helped Vipender foster stronger relationships with his clients and colleagues and enhance his problem-solving abilities.

Return on Investment

A PGPMAX is a significant investment of time, energy, and money. But the benefits far outweigh the costs. It’s difficult to ascribe a value to the access to brilliant classmates and faculty that one would never have encountered on their own. Or, for that matter, attribute an immediate tangible value to personal and professional development, enhancement in business acumen, and long-lasting influence. Over a period, these elevate the value of services and translate into client satisfaction.

“The programme has stimulated my entrepreneurial spirit. I find myself exploring two start-up ideas that I might never have considered. The programme has nudged me to think beyond the usual boundaries and explore uncharted territories.”

On Leadership

Vipender expects that an accelerated path into leadership will likely give a boost to his firm’s productivity and performance, foster a culture of trust, and promote a more vibrant and optimistic work environment.

To him, a great leader responds to changing circumstances, seizes unexpected opportunities, and navigates challenges effectively with a blend of intellect, intuition, and the courage to make tough calls.

He aspires to become a leader who not only inspires but also empowers others to step into leadership roles.

The ISB Community Advantage

“Being part of the ISB community feels like embarking on a transformative journey. It has made me a more insightful lawyer, a more effective business advisor, and a more confident leader. At ISB, best practices are not just taught, but lived.”

ISB has a dynamic environment that constantly challenges to grow professionally. The mentors and peers, the experienced faculty and the alumni help illuminating the professional path. It’s a compass that ensures the right path.

ISB has fostered collaborations and opened doors that Vipender didn’t know existed. These have led to a positive professional life and growth of his legal practice.

The bonds formed here extend beyond professional networking and develop into genuine friendships. There is a deep sense of community as people engage, share their experiences, and provide support to each other.

Staying Relevant and Kindled

“Maintaining relevance and motivation requires a careful balance between work and leisure. I believe our recreational activities significantly influence our personal growth and happiness.”

Meditation, driving, reading, writing, and golfing provide Vipender a mix of mental and physical wellness. These activities are rejuvenating, reenergising, and refurbishing, keep him grounded, open up new insights, and contribute to his holistic development. They equip him to embrace life’s opportunities and challenges with ease.

Advice to the Prospective Applicant

It’s important to think about where you fit in before deciding whether or not it’s worth your while to pursue PGPMAX. Distilling your intentions to a clear objective must be buttressed with good self-belief.

“Embrace the challenge. Your unique experience and your unique journey can offer invaluable perspectives to the programme. A learning mindset will ensure an unimpeded growth.”

PGPMAX is an investment that offers networking opportunities, which can be much more than the knowledge and skills acquired through coursework. The programme can truly expand you and your world.

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