Perspectives from ISB

Let me start by saying that more than the subjects and the curriculum, I think ISB introduces you to a way of life. Those who get the opportunity to be part of PGP get introduced to their own potential. At ISB, I learnt how much one can do in a single day! In a single day, you could do your classes, meet your study groups for assignments, invest in your well-being by going for a swim or a run, be part of clubs with like-minded people, spend quality time with your friends as well as make time for a fun party! Before I could learn to manage a business, I learnt how to manage my own time & be more present and engaged with life. That for me was the best gift ISB gave me.

ISB also gave me a mind-set that I can do anything & make time for everything. It gave me the confidence to stretch beyond what I believed were my limits and aim for something higher. It taught me how stepping out of your comfort zone can be made into a habit. That is exactly what I did when I moved to Malaysia during the pandemic!

My husband (also an ISB alumnus from my batch) got a job opportunity in Kuala Lumpur, compelling me to look for a job for myself as well. I reached out to people I knew who had made similar transitions, applied for roles internally and externally. Eventually with support from some company leaders (one of them an ISB alumnus) and some luck, I was able to get shortlisted for an APAC Marketing role at Johnson & Johnson. Once I got the interview, the next step was preparation. For this stage, I took support of people within the ISB network as well as the professional network I have developed through the years. Advice and inputs from a diverse set (Yes, I learnt to value this at ISB) helped me perform well and eventually get a great role with J&J MedTech as part of the Asia Pacific regional team.

Once I moved here, the ISB alumni settled in Kuala Lumpur helped as well. There is a WhatsApp group of alums – it’s sort of a “ask any question” group! We haven’t met each other but still the group supports one another digitally. ISB alumni network has never left my side. The people you meet through ISB during and after will be your biggest asset Overall, ISB has empowered me with the right tools & skill sets that have come handy time and again during my journey.

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