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With almost a month left for the Cycle-1 deadline, Here are a few tips we have put together for making a strong application.

1.Application is the opportunity to talk about yourself

We get to know about your achievements, experiences, goals and aspirations. Elaborate on the need and timeliness of pursuing a  management programme. Keep your essays as clear as possible, it helps us assess your need and potential

2.Get a good recommendation

The recommender should be a person who can comment on the quality and depth of your work experience.

3.Build a strong Employment profile

Project your roles, responsibilities and achievements at work. This information helps us assess your career progression, leadership potential and ability to contribute to the peer group at ISB

4.Showcase a well -rounded profile with awards and activities

Awards/activities help us assess your leadership potential, roundedness as an individual, ability to contribute and succeed while at ISB and in your future endeavours. Mention the most important of the extra/co-curricular activities, you have undertaken/participated during education or at work.

5.Review and Reword

Review your essays  a couple of times before submitting them. Check for grammatical errors, typos, word limit and reword if necessary.

Log on to the application portal to complete your profile here : For any other support reach us at

All the Best!

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