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 The 40% tuition waiver gave me the financial freedom and confidence to explore my career choices.

-Samya Mishra, YLP Admit, PGP Class of 2016.

Entrepreneurship, to Samya had always been a dream she planned to turn into a reality. Being a former student of the EDI and a graduate from IIT Roorkee, she was bent upon pursuing her passion for Business Entrepreneurship.

She wanted to have a better understanding of the industry structure and applying to the Young Leaders Programme [YLP] gave her the opportunity to do the same. YLP is a structured mentorship programme that enables candidates assess career goals holistically and development of leadership and skills required to excel at work place.

During this period of two years, Samya worked at KPMG at different positions rendering financial service to diverse industries, she was able to apply the learnings real time and gain a richer perspective. It was through the YLP, that she also build relationships with other  YLP candidates and learn from their experiences.

The selection process for YLP is well measured and thorough; evaluating applicants based on their holistic profiles ensures that each candidate is remarkable in some aspect. Essays, academic credentials, professional recommendation, and extra-curricular activities are all taken into consideration.So each candidate brings unique-ness and diverse experiences to the class, thus increasing the quality of the batch.

When asked about her peers, Samya quoted –

There are so many welcoming and passionate individuals who are always ready to help, to every doubt/question I might have; there is a go to person. We can always gain insights from others, learn from their experiences and seek their aid.

After two years, Samya felt that she needs indept knowlege of various subject for deeper understanding of how busineses work, hence wanted to persure the PGP at ISB . Samya said that the calayst for taking the course this year was undoubtedly the ISB-YLP Merit Scholarship – a  tuition waiver of 10 Lakhs which she was awarded for meritorious academic performance and professional record. The scholarship, she says, made her ‘fearless’ in terms of taking risks with career options. With the lack of a financial burden and no student loan to worry about, she could concentrate on areas she was interested in, for which she considers herself fortunate.

Samya believes that amongst Indian B-schools, ISB’s one year Post Graduate Programme [PGP] combines various aspects of work experience along with a beautifully planned unique academic curriculum. To put it simply, she says

At ISB – We love the work we do, we live the work we do.


The YLP was a launch pad to head start Samya’s career in Management, It transformed her uncertainty into confidence. You could be the next recipient of this scholarship too. Know more about the programme Click here

To apply now Click here

Read more about the application process here.

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