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Considering applying to ISB, but not sure – if you should apply in Cycle 1 (C1) or give it more thought and apply in Cycle 2 (C2)?

Applying to ISB in C1 has a few added incentives. However, it is recommended that you apply only when you are absolutely ready and prepared with your application.

Here are a few reasons you should consider applying in C1.

10-full tuition fee waiver 
ISB gives out ten full tuition waivers as merit scholarships for the shortlisted candidates from the Round 1 applications. A monetary aid would be of great help since there won’t be a constant source of income for the next one year and it will ease the burden of any student loan post graduation.

50% of the Scholarships – Partial Tuition fee waiver
You would be eligible for 50% of the total scholarships – both Merit and Means.The Merit scholarships amounts to INR 5-10 lakh and the Means or Need-based Scholarship is awarded to deserving candidates in the Cycle 1 applications, which amounts to INR 3-5 lakh tuition fee waiver.

Ample time to plan your exit
If selected in C1, you will have ample time to plan your exit from the company you are currently working with and prepare for joining the School. You might also consider taking a break or spend time with family and plan your year before the gruelling regime starts.


When should you consider applying for Round 2?

If there is any project pending completion that would reflect well on your achievements, or you are expecting a promotion or career progression and you want to highlight that in your ISB application, and you think it will make your application stronger then you can consider applying for Round 2.

So, start as early as possible and do have your application reviewed by friends or colleagues.

To complete your application click here.
Here are some tips you could use to write great essays for your application 

Good luck!

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