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A staggering 4 billion of the planet’s 6.8 billion people use mobile. If the significance of these figures isn’t immediately clear, consider it this way: only 3.5 billion of those same 6.8 billion people use toothbrushes. With mobile growing by leaps and bounds and its impact still approaching critical mass, the takeaway for a thought leading institution like ISB is clear: mobile matters. Enter ISB 360.

During a time when the world’s premier business schools are competing for the best and brightest students, an informative and interactive app offers unparalleled potential to engage international applicants.  The incentives to create a diverse learning environment are manifold. While promoting a diverse classroom perspective which reflects the global economy is paramount, an international student body also raises rankings, increases global accreditations, and brings more recruiters to campus.

ISB’s efforts to engage international MBA students — including everything from exchange programs to short-term coursework — have seen promising results.  Considering that 15 percent of visitors to the ISB website come from mobile devices, the leap to mobile was a natural next step.

ISB 360 offers prospective students unique insights into the PGP experience by addressing critical questions on topics such as fast-tracking your career, shifting careers, embracing entrepreneurism, taking a family business to the next level, undertaking a leadership role, and much more.  Even better? Users can customize an ISB 360 tour to create a targeted view of the program as it applies to their own personal needs and objectives.

Mere days after it hit the market, ISB 360 — available on iOS, Android and Blackberry — serves thousands of users from five continents. And as the app’s popularity continues to grow, its interactivity will also evolve, delivering relevant, real time information to members of the global business community.

With just the swipe of a screen, ISB 360 gives prospective students a rare insider’s perspective of the PGP and life at ISB, in general. The combination of an intensely competitive business school marketplace and technologically savvy, knowledge-seeking applicants calls for something more than the usual measures.  ISB’s response speaks to the innovative and progressive culture for which the school is increasingly known.


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