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Every year, many of our students participate in international exchange programmes and study at B-schools in different countries for 1-2 terms. This gives them a great way to experience new cultures, expand their global network and get a feel for what it’s like to do business in that country.

The motivations to take up an exchange programme are many. Perhaps you may want to experience the teaching methods followed in another country and benefit from being exposed to a new approach to learning. Or you may be considering an international job opportunity and want to participate in an international career fair, which would be available to you at many of our partner schools. Perhaps you already have an international job offer and want to get a taste of work and life in that country before accepting the offer. You could be part of a family business, looking to explore business opportunities in that geography. Or maybe you are an avid traveller and want to use this opportunity to live as a student in a different country for a few months – undoubtedly an experience of a lifetime. Whatever your reason, the exchange programme is a great way to expand your horizons and build a network of classmates from multiple countries.

Currently we have exchange programmes with 40 schools across the world, in all continents except Antarctica! So there is no dearth of opportunity to visit a country you’ve never been to before. The process of choosing a school/country for the exchange programme is also very simple and everyone has equal opportunity, based on bidding points (the same process we use for choosing electives in the programme). You’ll be happy to learn that there is no additional tuition cost for studying in exchange schools, which normally could get quite expensive. You will need to manage your own travel and living though. And of course, ISB and the exchange school will help with visas, so please keep your passports ready! More information about eligibility criteria, application procedure, code of conduct, etc can be found here.

So if you’ve always been curious about what makes China tick, or what life is like in Spain, or how Wharton or LBS students are preparing for business, why not go there for two months and see for yourself? ISB is providing you a world of opportunity, literally, so make the most of it. And if you are unable to go on exchange for whatever reason, you will still get significant exposure through the several international students who come on exchange to ISB every year. Chances are you will be doing business across borders with them sometime in the future.

All the best!

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