Applying to ISB PGP: Application Requirements and Resources

The quality of your application is a vital part of the selection process. It offers you an opportunity to highlight your background, accomplishments and plans for the future. It is strongly recommend that you go through the process judiciously, spend adequate time thinking about your application, and put together the necessary material to best present yourself. As we get closer to the Round 1 application deadline for our flagship 1-year Post Graduate Programme in Management (PGP), here’s a checklist of things you need to cover. You may want to bookmark this page for easy reference later.


  1. Applicant account – The PGP application process is fully online, making it convenient for you to apply from anywhere in the world. This requires the creation of an applicant account with which you can manage your application. To create your account and start the application process, visit the application portal at The application portal allows you to visit the application as many times as you want. You may edit all you have entered and written as many times as you want. You can also enter the information in any order that you are comfortable with.
  2. Applicant information – Fill in information about your academic record, professional experience, extracurricular activities, any awards and achievements, etc. In order to make the application process more efficient, we do not require these documents to be uploaded at the time of submitting the application. If you are shortlisted for the interview, you will be required to upload them at that time. Needless to say, sufficient time will be given to upload the documents, but if you need to collect documents from different locations like your home, college, previous workplace, etc, now would be a good time to get started. The full list of required documents is available in the application portal.
  3. Essays – You will need to prepare and upload 4-5 essays this year. While each essay is short and the essay topics straightforward, it is in your best interest to introspect and prepare convincing arguments. The topics for this year are:
    1. Essay # 1: Innovation or doing things differently, it is said is a key to future success. Could you substantiate or negate this idea based on your experience. Please provide examples from your own experience – either examples of your own innovation or examples of others whom you have worked with. (300 words max)
    2. Essay #2: Applying to and enrolling in a Business School is an important career decision. Critically look at your career to date, the choices you have made, the key influences behind those choices, your goals for the future and how you expect to benefit from the ISB experience in achieving your goals. (300 words max)
    3. Essay #3: One of the following (200 words max)
      1. This experience completely changed my way of thinking;
      2. An instance when you went out of the ordinary to achieve something significant, but in hind-sight feel you could have done better;
      3. Tell us about your role in a team that made a significant contribution to the organization;
      4. Contribution to peer learning and engagement with the ISB student body are important aspects of the ISB experience. What contribution do you expect to make in this direction during the one year at ISB.
    4. Essay #4 (Optional): Please provide additional information, if any, that will significantly affect the consideration of your application to the ISB. (200 words max)
    5. Essay #5 (for Re-applicants): How has your profile changed from the last time that you applied to the ISB? (300 words max)
  4. Recommendations – Two evaluations/recommendations from your work place or professional area are required. They should be from those who know your professional background and can assess your strengths, weakness, learning needs and areas for improvement. Some recommenders may have hectic schedules, so I would suggest that you request them in advance and allow sufficient time for them to respond. The recommendations must follow a certain format (available in the portal) and can be submitted either online or offline, the online mode being the default option.
  5. Test scores –
    1. Submit your GMAT score, which is mandatory for all applicants. The School Code for ISB for GMAT is N2D-J5-01. I want to reiterate here that ISB does not have any “cut-off” scores for admission to the PGP and all applications are assessed holistically for ability and fit. To learn more about GMAT and to take the test, visit their official website
    2. If your medium of instruction in your undergraduate programme was not English, only then will you need to prove language proficiency by submitting TOEFL or IELTS scores. The School Code for ISB for TOEFL is 9047. To learn more about TOEFL and to take the test, visit  IELTS score reports should be sent to “Indian School of Business”. You can learn more about this test at
  6. Application fee– The application fee is INR 3,371 for first time applicants and INR 1,124 for re-applicants. Payment can be made using any VISA / MasterCard or Internet Banking option.
  7. Other documents – Please upload a passport size photograph, scanned copy of passport and Statement of Integrity (format available in the application portal). A passport is mandatory for all applicants since there are many international components to the PGP, such as international exchange, global B-plan competitions, foreign placements, etc. Applying for a passport during the programme introduces unnecessary logistical problems and uncertainties/delays. It would be a shame to miss out on international opportunities during the programme due to a completely avoidable documentation problem. So please do apply for a passport now itself, if you do not already have one.

Your application will likely be completed over a period of time rather than in one sitting, so the application portal is also designed to allow multiple sessions. You can work on your application for some time, save your progress, and return to it later to continue from where you left off. The Application Inspector which is available in the portal checks if you have missed any essential or mandatory fields or documents.


As you can see, applying to the PGP is a simple 7-step process. To further streamline the process and make it easier for you to apply, we have made multiple resources available to you:

  1. When you create your online account and start your application, you will receive a Ready Reckoner and a Terms document via email. These are detailed documents that can guide you through the entire application process.
  2. The PGP brochure gives you important facts and figures and an inside look at the programme. You can also visit the PGP website at
  3. You can attend Admission Information Sessions that we host regularly in various cities across the world or online in the form of webinars. This gives you a chance to interact with Admissions Officers, faculty, current students and/or alumni who may be present at the session. It is a great opportunity to have an informal discussion with them and learn more about how the PGP can benefit your career and life.
  4. This blog itself is another useful resource. I will be sharing more information and insights on how you can prepare and submit a strong application to the PGP, so do check back every week.
  5. The PGP FAQs section has detailed answers to many of the questions you may have, so do browse through it once.
  6. We are present on various social media and discussion forums, so you can stay in touch with us and get the latest information about PGP and ISB.
  7. Finally, if you have any questions at all that you are unable to find answers to anywhere else, please do not hesitate to contact the Admissions Team. We are here to help.

If you haven’t bookmarked this post or logged into the application portal already, I suggest you do so now. Both can also be reached from any page in the PGP website by clicking on Apply Now or on the WordPress icon in the right panel. With all these resources at your fingertips, you can focus on preparing a solid application without getting distracted by logistics and other non-essential tasks.

I look forward to receiving your application and welcoming you to our campuses!

- Admissions Director (Post Graduate Programme in Management)

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175 Responses to Applying to ISB PGP: Application Requirements and Resources

  1. Priya agarwal says:

    Dear sir,
    Thanks a lot for this information. I have one query regarding the interview schedule.

    The interview window for Delhi & kolkata location is only for one week whereas the interview window for Hyderabad location is for almost 1.5 months. You would be communicating the shortlist only one week prior to the schedule date. In case of Delhi and Kolkata location, an applicant just needs to plan his work activities for the one week interview window period only. But in case of Hyderabad, the applicant needs to plan the same for 1.5 months.

    Just a suggestion, can’t it be possible that in case of the Hyderabad location an applicant be informed around 2-3 weeks prior to the date so that they can plan their work activities accordingly.


    • Admissions Director says:

      The reason we have a longer time window for Hyderabad is because we have interviews in Hyderabad only on weekends. Hyderabad serves as the interview location for all candidates located in Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, etc, and given that they are all working professionals, it would be preferable to have the interviews on weekends. While we do attempt to give all candidates sufficient prior intimation on the interview date, it may not be possible to give three weeks notice. What we do is give everyone at least one week.

      • Priya agarwal says:

        Dear Sir,

        Thanks a lot for your informative response.

        When I had contacted the admissions teams in June 2013 I was informed that the interviews for the Hyderabad location are scheduled even on weekdays, but your response has also clarified my previous query.

        Is it so that even if an applicant is shortlisted quite early, he / she is still informed only a week before the interview date.


  2. Satish says:


    My 10th and Intermediate percentile is above 70.
    I completed my under graduation (Bsc ) in 5years as I didn’t concentrate much on it. During the course duration I use to work for BPO company. However I came to know its importance and completed all backlogs. Currently I am working as software engineer in MNC from past 1year. I wish to apply for GMAT next year. So 2 years experience in MNC with good GMAT score can I apply for ISB

    Am I eligible for applying ? Please let me know.


    • Admissions Director says:

      Given your academic background, you will need to demonstrate an ability to learn quickly and learn well. In the absence of strong performance in academics and other avenues of learning, a good GMAT score would improve your chances of getting admitted to ISB. In addition, you may highlight your career progression and achievements.

      • Satish says:

        Thanks for your reply sir.
        Last month I started my preparation for a GMAT and I hope to give my best in it.

        Thanks again

  3. Nishant says:

    Could you please share the Details/Deadline for Early Entry Option?

    • Admissions Director says:

      Deadline for Early Entry Option for applicants with less than 2 years of work experience is January 15th 2014.

      • Gauri says:

        I will complete my 2 yrs of work experience by Dec 2013. Will I be counted as early entry application?

        • Admissions Director says:

          If you complete 2 years of work experience by Dec 2013, you are eligible to apply to the PGP programme directly. There is no need to apply through the Early Entry Option. The deadline for application to PGP is 30th of November, 2013.

  4. Sonam says:


    I have scored a score of 75.33 in SSC.
    I have scored 84.3 in HSC
    I have done my graduation in Engineering specializing in IT and scored a distinction in my last year. My average percent of all four years is 72.6%
    Currently am working as a senior software engineer in a MNC and have 5 years of experience.
    Apart from that i am currently pursuing a diploma degree in dance from SNDT university.
    I have been an active participant in various NGO activities conducted at college level. I have also participated in Teach India a campaign organized by Times of India Group.
    Can a good gmat score with 5 years of work experience help me with my application to ISB this year.

    Please suggest

    • Admissions Director says:

      Prima facie, I would say yes. Of course, admission to ISB is competitive and your actual admissions will depend on the quality of your application which includes essays, your past academic record and GMAT score, the recommendation you get from evaluators, and your performance in the interview (if shortlisted), etc. There is no cut-off for GMAT scores, but a good GMAT score obviously works in your favour.

  5. Mallika says:


    Can i apply without GMAT scores for PGP-2014? Since last day of submission is Nov 30 and my exam date is Nov20.


    • Admissions Director says:

      GMAT score is mandatory for your application to be considered. Given your test date, what you can do is scan and upload the test centre report (you will receive this from the test centre immediately after the completion of your test) and submit your completed application by the Round 2 deadline. Your official report can reach us 2-3 weeks after that.

  6. Pradipta Das says:

    Dear Sir,

    How important is IR score for ISB admission this year ?

  7. ISBAspirant says:

    Dear Sir,
    If an applicant is denied after the interview, is interview the only reason for the denial?
    What are the reasons for denying a candiate after the interview, provided the candiate has shown a clear clarity of career goals to the interview panel? What are the main criteria that will be taken into account during the interview?How can the candidate improve his/her chances, as a reapplicant, if he/she was denied after the interview in the last years?
    Please clarify!
    Thank you!!

    • Admissions Director says:

      Admissions decisions are holistic and take into account information provided in the application as well as in the interview. There are several parameters on which an applicant is evaluated at the interview. Some of the main ones are:
      1. Communication skills, which includes structured thought process and articulation
      2. Analytical ability
      3. Depth of exposure
      4. Leadership potential/skills
      5. Professional/academic achievements, which include initiatives, team skills and learnability
      6. Extra-Curricular participation/achievements
      7. Ability to cope with the intensity of the PGP
      8. Clarity of pre-ISB and post-ISB short term and long term aspirations/goals

      As a reapplicant, the best way to improve your chance of admission is to utilise the extra year(s) to improve yourself significantly, address areas of significant weakness and prepare a well-articulated application.

  8. Nitesh Chandak says:

    Dear Sir,

    I had scored 79% in std X, 79% in std XII, 67% in BE (Mech). I have @ 13yrs experience in sales and sales management. I have worked with 2 MNC in my career and promoted in each of them.

    How relevant is high GMAT score for my admission to ISB??

    • Admissions Director says:

      A competitive GMAT score strengthens the application but does not in any way guarantee admission. Similarly, a lower score does not necessarily mean exclusion. And of course, there is no cut-off score for the GMAT. Your admission into the PGP will depend on the quality of your profile as judged by a variety of factors such as your past academic record, GMAT score, quality of work experience, extracurricular activities, leadership potential, essays, recommendations from evaluators, performance in the interview, etc. The admissions decision is made after careful consideration of several factors.

  9. kiran kumar says:

    I applied for ISB PGP 2014 on june 25th but i havent received any feedback until now.
    My application number is 150003
    Does it take so long? By when will i know if i am shortlisted or not? I am an international applicant.
    Will there be a skype interview for international applicants? Or a telephonic interview?
    Also my profile looks like below:
    GMAT : 650
    Work Ex : 7+ yrs with 4 yrs of international exp.(infosys)
    Team lead.
    Do you think i have any chance?


    • Admissions Director says:

      The interview process is scheduled to commence from September 25 and will go on till November 8. In the event that we receive significant submissions before September 15, there is a likelihood of starting the process early. Short-listing will be based on the overall profile and application of the candidate. Short-listed international applicants will be interviewed over Skype.



    • Admissions Director says:

      Please call the Admissions Officers on these numbers for a detailed conversation: +91-040-23187474/84/94, toll-free: 1-800-103-3234

  11. Dushan Garg says:

    Dear Sir,

    I cant understand the concept of round 1 and round 2. Can we apply in any round? If yes then is there any preference given to round 1 people i.e. if ISB has selected the maximum candidates from round 1 itself then do round 2 people have any chance?


    • Admissions Director says:

      You can apply for admission to ISB’s PGP in any of the two cycles. The deadline for the 1st cycle is 15th of September and the 2nd cycle is 30th of November. The two cycles are there to help streamline the admissions process and applying in a certain round doesn’t improve or hamper your chance of admission as compared to applying in the other round. My advice is to apply when you are 100% satisfied with your application.

  12. Aditya says:

    Hello Sir,
    I have already started to fill in the application form. In the interview date’ column, it is mentioned that there is a possibility of interviewing earlier in Hyderabad, if applications are received much earlier. Since I am in shipping and have some important projects lined up from mid October, can I request ISB to consider my request for interview at early stages if I am being considered for interview. Also, for being interviewed in the early stages, till what time should I submit my application?

    • Admissions Director says:

      The interview process is scheduled to commence from September 25 and will go on till November 8. However, if we receive a significant number of applications before September 15, there is a likelihood starting the process early. We may be able to consider special requests, please call the Admissions Officers on these numbers for a detailed conversation: +91-040-23187474/84/94, toll-free: 1-800-103-3234.

  13. srikanth says:

    Hello concerned,

    I am working in a pharma organisation since 19 months and i am about to give my exam on september last week…can i apply to the round 2 application session or is this round 2 a kind of short listing those who have qualified round 1

  14. Jagadish says:


    I have a query regarding recommendation letters. I have a total of 11 yrs experience. I spent 9.5 years in my first company, and in my current workplace i have completed 1.5 years.

    Is it ok if i get both the recommendation letters from my first company since the quality of the recommendation will be better due to the duration i spent there?
    In my current company, i have worked under 3 supervisors due to organization changes, and feel the evaluators may be unable to provide a fair picture of my ability.

    Please let me know if it is ok to get both the recommendations from my previous company where i worked for 9.5 years.


  15. Shripad says:

    Dear Sir,
    I have done my graduation securing a score of 59%.
    Further I have an experience of 2 years as a Sales executive in a representative firm.
    I was not involved much into extra-curricular activities. Would this hamper my chances?
    Also, doubts regarding the 4 essays that we need to submit (since I am a fresh applicant):
    a) Do we have to compose them in a word copy individually?
    b) Are those to be submitted together with our application?

    I haven’t yet started my GMAT prep…but intend to do it now. What chances do I have to get admitted this year?

    • Admissions Director says:

      Space is provided in our online application for the essays and you can enter them there itself. You will need to complete all required essays before submitting your application. When you do, we receive all essays and other information together. I would recommend that you login at our application portal and have a look at the application format. There are detailed instructions available on how to fill the application.

      As far as your chances are concerned, it is not possible to say until we see your complete application.

  16. Aditya says:

    Good Day sir,
    I gave GMAT two times. 1st on 17th Aug 2012,scored 710 and then in April’13 and scored 690.
    Both times, I reported my score to ISB. Which score card should I upload to ISB? I have perception to submit score card having higher score.
    Waiting for your guidance.

  17. Aashish Pal Singh says:

    Dear Sir,
    I sat for my GMAT on July 18, 2013. My passport expiration date was July 20, 2013. I applied for a renewal on July 19 2013.
    The renewal is in the process. The police verification is done. I have my old passport which is stamped as “Cancelled”. I also have my passport renewal online receipt.
    In case I don’t get my renewed passport by Sept 13, 2013, can I apply on the basis of the documents (cancelled passport and online receipt) I have ?

    Thank you.

  18. Arunkumar says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am Arun , having 5 years experience in Diesel engine combustion development in a Automotive R&D. I want to take my career to Product planning in the same sector. I was told that an exposure to marketing apart from tech knowledge is required for getting into that position. IS there any scope at ISB to interact with automobile industrial experts and getting placements in the auto sector?


  19. Ashwathy says:


    I had a quick question regarding announcement of the results after the interview. Since the interviews in Delhi and Kolkata and Hyderabad happen at different points in time, I was just curious about how soon after an interview does a candidate get to know if he/she is accepted or not? Do the collective results for a round get announced only Nov 15 (Round 1) and Feb 15 (Round 2) or is it after a few days of the interview of the individual participant?

    • Admissions Director says:

      All Round 1 results will be announced on November 15, 2013, and all Round 2 results will be announced on February 15, 2014.

      • Ashwathy says:

        Ok thank you

        • Ashwathy says:

          Dear sir,

          Had another question regarding the interviews to be held in Delhi and Kolkata. Do they happen only after all the interviews in Hyderabad, i.e., end of October/early November? Or do they happen simultaneously with the Hyderabad interviews?

  20. Sourabh Mukherjee says:


    I would like to know whether an applicant gets penalized in case there are certain grammatical errors in the evaluation submitted by his evaluator(s). As you understand an applicant has got no control over what the evaluator finally writes in the online form.


  21. Arun Vasam says:

    Hello Sir,

    I completed my Integrated M.Sc. aviation in ground duty stream (5yrs duration) from JNTU in 2012.
    I want to know whether the integrated degree is eligible for pursuing MBA in ISB?

    Thank you in advance.
    Arun Vasam.

  22. Abhi says:


    I did average in my 10th and 12th exams. Due to some reasons i did my BCA by distance education from KU. After that i did regular classroom Sc.) from a university in a Delhi. I have 5 yrs of experience now in the software industry as a developer. I understand the basic requirement is graduation + GMAT. Since i did my graduation through distance education, am i eligible for applying to ISB. Will my application even be considered?

    Thank you

    • Admissions Director says:

      We accept graduation degrees done through distance education as long as they are from a recognized university. We will evaluate your application holistically on its merits and take a call.

  23. Madhav says:

    Dear Sir,

    Can a short gap in education affect the chances of getting into ISB by any chance?

    • Admissions Director says:

      Gaps for genuine reasons should not be a cause for concern. Please ensure that the reasons are clearly explained in the space provided in the application, such as the optional essay.

  24. Nishant Das says:

    Hello Sir,
    As you know the YLP Interviews are being conducted between 6th and 30th September and are going to be held on weekdays, I am a trainee at Cisco systems and a leave is very difficult to accommodate, is there anyway that I can pick a suitable date ? Would the admissions committee entertain such requests ?

    • Admissions Director says:

      Please write in to us giving a preferred date and we will try to accommodate your request. Contact information is available on the website.

  25. Rohit says:

    Hi Sir,

    I appeared for GMAT on 7th Sep 3013, as I thought of applying in First round. I gave the exam on 7th Sep, but could not score well as I had a high fever that day and ended up scoring lower 600′s. I chose to send scores to universities, So my bad scores would have reached to ISB. I am planning to reappear for exam in october so that I will apply in Round 2 Deadline. My Query is will I be having fair chance in Round 2 with my new Scores, or will my past score matter for this year application process? Will it possible for ISB to completely forget my previous scores(7sep scores) and just evaluate me on the basis on my new scores of October month.

  26. Aishwarya says:


    I have a question on the academic scores – I’ve completed my BCom degree and passed in 1st class as stated by the degree certificate issued by University of Mumbai. The degree considers only the final year grades for assessing the degree class. Would I need to still take the average of all 3 years of undergrad for my UG score?

    Thanks & regards.

    • Admissions Director says:

      You may enter the scores as mentioned in your degree. You will also have to upload the mark sheets of the individual years as part of your application.

  27. Mohit Chhajer says:


    I appeared for GMAT for the first time on 11th September and scored 630. I had also kept my application ready for submission in Round 1 and I really feel i have a good profile.
    Should I go ahead and submit? Or should i give it another try and submit with a better score?
    Request you to kindly guide me on this.


    • Admissions Director says:

      While your GMAT score of 630 is within our class range, it would be difficult to comment on your chances. A higher GMAT always helps but if you are confident with your profile, you may apply now. The call is yours.

  28. Ashwathy says:

    Dear sir,

    Sorry if I missed reading this in any of your earlier blog posts. Had another question regarding the interviews to be held in Delhi and Kolkata.
    Do they happen only after all the interviews in Hyderabad, i.e., end of October/early November? Or do they happen simultaneously with the Hyderabad interviews?

  29. Soumya Panda says:

    Hi Sir,

    I have a small query about GMAT unofficial score. When I submit my application , If I just report my unofficial score would the application be considered complete? I have read on the GMAC’s official site that it can take up to 20 calendar days for the schools to get the score from GMAC. I am trying to establish a timeframe in my mind as to by when I have to absolutely take the test if I am thinking of applying this year.

    • Admissions Director says:

      Officially the application is complete only after receiving the score from GMAC. However we do start the application review process once the unofficial test centre scores are filled in by the candidate. You can take the test on the 30th of November and enter the test centre scores and submit the application on the 30th of November.

  30. Soumya Panda says:

    Thanks a lot. That’s really helpful.

  31. yasha says:

    Hello sir,
    I have just graduates this year in may 2013, in chemical engineering. Since this year onwards ISB is taking applicants with 0-2 years experience, I would like to apply for admission process 2014-2015. Can you please let me know by when am I suppose to give my Gmat and submit the score and start with the application procedure.

    • Admissions Director says:

      The deadline for the Early Entry Option is the 15th of Jan 2014. Selected candidates will be given a suitable deferred admission to a future class so that when they join the programme, they have 2 years of full time work experience. As for the GMAT, you can take it as late as Jan 15 and apply on that date with a test centre score. Your application must be complete in all respects before you submit it.

  32. Jatin Mehra says:

    Hello Sir,
    I recently took Gmat, and scored 710(92%)[Q49(81%) v36(80%)]. Will be applying in 2nd round for class of 2014/15.
    Though the score is average when I compare it with applicants applying to ISB, I got a score of 6 in AWA and 7 in IR. Can this offset the avg score to a certain extent?

    Also, I have 5 years of work experience in energy sector , Have been involved in designing and developing power equipments and products with one of the best MNC’s in energy sector.
    I am also a certified lead auditor for my org.

    My major contributions include filing 3 patent applications and numerous internal publications.

    I want to take up leadership roles in energy/power sector and innovation in future. IS ISB a good fit for me?
    Please do let me know. I am really interested and looking forward to it.


    • Admissions Director says:

      You do have a competitive GMAT score. The AWA and IR scores are other components of the test and hence one cannot compensate for the other.
      With your work experience you certainly can aspire to take up suitable roles in the energy sector post the PGP and you can grow from there to your aim of a leadership position.

  33. Sawan Rathi says:

    Dear Admission Director,

    It is very nice to know that we can ask smallest of our queries directly on this forum.
    Sir, I have mentioned Skype interview option in my application form submitted on 15th September. While you have mentioned the interview date range for Delhi, Kolkatta,Hyderabad etc…Can I also know the tentative interview slots for Skype interview and also will I be informed via email if I am shortlisted ?

    • Admissions Director says:

      Skype interviews are held typically on working days during the interview time window. Yes, you will be informed by mail if you are shortlisted for the interview.

  34. Swathi Saraswathula says:

    I graduated in May 2012. I have been working in Wipro Technologies, Hyderabad for the last 14 months as a project Engineer. I want to pursue my MBA and am thinking of applying for Round 2. But, I have not given my GMAT yet. By when do you think it would be all right for me to give my GMAT in order to be able to apply to PGP? Also, is this a profile based admission criteria or purely score-based?
    Thank You!

    • Admissions Director says:

      If you complete two years of work experience by 30 March, 2014, you are eligible to apply for the PGP. Else, you can opt for the Early Entry Option for which the deadline is 15 January, 2014. You can take the GMAT any time before the respective deadline i.e. 30 November of 15 January. Our admissions are based on the overall assessment of your profile that includes the GMAT test sore and not on the test score alone.

  35. shipra singh says:

    i submitted my application on the 15th of september.
    my interview city is New Delhi. As per the information on the ISB website, i will be intimated 5-7 days before the interview. The window for Delhi interview is from 17th -20th october, in that case i will receive an email between 10-13th october only for the interview call (if selected) or there will be later more interview dates?
    in case of rejection will i receive any information though mail?

    • Admissions Director says:

      We completed our Delhi interviews on the 20th. We do plan to interviews in Mohali campus which will be held till Nov 5th. If you are short listed you will get the intimation well before the interview date. If you are not short listed for the interview, you will get that information by mail as well.

  36. Kunal says:

    Hi Sir,
    I am Kunal and I completed my Engineering in EEE (Electrical & Electronic) with First Class. I have 5+ Yrs experience in Telecom, MNC uptill date 23 July’2013 and from past few month I am not working as i decided to do MBA.
    Sir, can i apply for PGP ? Please guide.

    Thanking you.

  37. Varun Aggarwal says:

    Dear Sir,

    Hope you are doing fine.
    I want to know if I have the capability to be a part of ISB.I have 3.5 years of work experience with a MNC and have grabbed three consecutive promotions in my team ,three innovation awards and an impromptu award.
    My academics are not very strong with 77% in10th, 73% in 12th and 70% aggregate in CSE engineering UPTU.
    Not very much into extra-cirricular with being a prefect at school level, being in the basketball team at college level and being into photography and travelling.
    I have never given GMAT but now I feel its high time.
    Do I stand a chance to be fit for the addmission process?
    Thanks & Regards

    • Admissions Director says:

      All selection decisions are made based on the overall application profile of a candidate and not based on a single parameter. More than anything else, you need to be confident about your overall profile before you apply.

  38. Sanchay Maity says:

    Dear Sir,
    It would be very kind of you if you can enlighten me regarding the relevance of the optional essays. By what I have gathered, there are 3 compulsory essays and 2 optionals. Now if I am satisfied with what I have presented in the 3 compulsory essays do i need to go for the optional ones too ? And if i dont then will be in any disadvantageous position compared to candidates who will provide the optional essays ?
    Thank you
    Sanchay Maity

  39. Santosh says:

    I recently took GMAT and scored less than the range of ISB. I had put all my efforts to the extent, but the result is unexpected.
    Currently, I Am very skeptical whether to apply for ISB this year on not. The only confidence I have is that my profile could compensate the low GMAT score.
    Iam working as a Quality Consultant from 7.5 years, and my role is majorly to facilitate project teams and organization to maintain quality through process improvements. Especially to interact with alomsot all levels of management and work in all the divisions of organization. I had 75% score in SSC and B.Tech, whereas 90.5% in Intermediate. Had gone through various competitive exams earlier (GATE, GRE, TOEFL).
    2 of 3 companies I worked are world’s leading companies. Received multiple accolades and awards as part of appreciation for innovative ideas and taking up challenging tasks. Had been part of various social activities and led multiple events during my career.

    Please suggest, if I can go ahead with the Low GMAT score [Less than ISB average], inspite of being confident on profile.

    Sucess is a journey, not a destination

    • Admissions Director says:

      Sorry, I really cannot comment on this. As I have said earlier, short-listing decisions are taken based on the overall profile of the candidate. These include the academic performance, GMAT scores, career achievements, essays and recommendations. If you feel you have a strong application based on the above, you may go ahead and apply.

  40. varsha says:

    hello sir,
    can i apply for early entry option while pursuing btech?i’m in 2nd semester of my final year…can i apply for EEO before jan 15..

  41. Abhinav Suri says:

    Dear Admission Director,
    It’s a great forum to ask/clarify any doubts regarding ISB admissions. According to FAQ’s one can provide test center score however, the official score report from Pearson VUE should reach the ISB at least by the time ISB short-list the applicants. Will my official scores reach ISB before short-listing as I am taking GMAT in first week of Nov? or shall I wait for next year to apply? I plan to submit my application by 3rd week of Nov. Does applying too late in Round 2 undermine my chances of selection. Any help is much appreciated.

    • Admissions Director says:

      The official scores usually reach us within 15 days of the date of the test so there should be no problem with your taking the test in the 3rd week of November and applying to ISB. Every application that is received by the date of the deadline will be reviewed and a decision taken.

  42. Sanchay Maity says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    Thank you for your prompt reply. However i have one more question. It would be very kind of you if you can assist me on that. How strict is ISB with respect to the Essay word count ? Is there any deviation allowed such as +/- 10% of the original word count ? And if my essay does cross this limit then will it be rejected on that ground ?

    Thank you
    Sanchay Maity

  43. Lopa Thakkar says:

    Is it possible to make an application without the GMAT score for 2014? My exam date is December 25, 2013.

    The scores could follow in the next month?

    • Admissions Director says:

      For application to the class starting April 2014 the application deadline is Nov 30th and the applicant has to take the GMAT test on or before the 30th of November. December 25th would be too late to take the test to meet the deadline of November 30th.

  44. Santosh says:

    I have initiated the application to target for Nov 30th, but due to low GMAT score, inspite of high in AWA. Iam skeptical if I need to apply for this year or take time and retake GMAT for next year.

    If I plan to apply next year, how can I retain the recommendations that are already sent to ISB. Please suggest

    Santosh (9866184229)

    • Admissions Director says:

      We do have a functionality in our application to retain the recommender if you have not applied this year but want to apply next year. For further details, please contact

  45. Shubham says:

    Dear Admissions Director,
    I am planning to apply for EEO 2014. I understand that I need to complete my application with a valid GMAT score before the deadline of Jan 15, 2014. Would it be possible for me to edit the profile after the deadline has been met to list any further enhancements which would add to my profile? If not, would there be any other date in the same year to apply for EEO 2014 so that I am confident of my profile before applying?

    Thanks in advance,

    • Admissions Director says:

      Since you are applying for the EEO 2014, I am assuming that you will be able to complete the mandatory work experience of 2 years by March 2015 to be able to enter the class in April 2015. We will be completing the process of all EEO applications by around mid-March this year and hence your application should be compete in all respects by the 15th of January 2014. You cannot update the application once you have submitted it. However, if you do feel that there could be some significant changes to your profile during the period after you have applied, I would suggest that you wait and apply directly to the PGP programme next year. The deadline for that application will be around the end of November 2014.

  46. Vaidehi Murthy says:

    I have 2 questions:
    1.I have 4.5 years of experience. I understand that in some of the top mba colleges experience of above 36 months is not valued as much as experience below 36 months. Is this the case in isb?
    2.Is there a programme for Marketing in ISB with an exchange with Kellog?

    • Admissions Director says:

      1. We will certainly value your experience. Given that our average work experience in the class has been consistently around 5 years for several years, 4.5 years of work experience would be very appropriate.
      2. We do have an exchange programme with Kellogg wherein a student can spend one term at Kellogg. Students who go on the exchange can choose the courses on offer in that term at Kellogg. However, we do not have a separate marketing programme with an exchange in Kellogg.

  47. Prathyusha says:

    Dear Sir,
    I would have 4 years & 10 months of experience by March 2014 from two different companies ( 2 years 5 months in the first and 2 years 5 months in the current company).

    I intend to get recommendations from both my employers as my work profile was very different.
    The situation is that my boss in my previous company has left the company and has started practising by herself as an architect. She doesn’t hold a company email id but a yahoo one.

    I am keen to suggest her as my recommender as I have worked the extensively with her and she has been instrumental in my career growth. Would there be an issue because of the yahoo email id.

    Please advice.

  48. ashish verma says:

    I am working with Jindal Steel & Power since last 65 months and was the part of commissioning team of India’s largest Electric Arc Furnace and Asia’s 2nd largest. My job profile involved co-ordination with suppliers, consultant, material procurement and site erection and commissioning of Utilities system. As per the industrial practice one has to be a Mechanical graduate to work in this area. Nominated as best executive for 2011-12.
    Coming on to my degree, I am a B.Tech metallurgist from NIT Durgapur with a CGPA of 7.92. Have won many metal quiz competition in national level tech fest in different colleges like Jadavpur university and NIT Jamshedpur.
    My 10th %- 79.6% and 12th- 63.0%.
    I appeared in GMAT on 30-Oct-13 and got a score of 490. Before the test, i opted for young leader programme and PGP programme. Should, i apply with this score or should prepare and try to get a better score.

    • Admissions Director says:

      The range of GMAT scores in our current class, which is typical of each year, is 600 to 790. We look at applications holistically, so while there is no “cut-off” score, a low GMAT score would adversely affect your chances of making it to the PGP. You will need to significantly improve your GMAT score.

  49. ED says:

    Dear Admissions Director,

    I have two questions:

    Question 1- As an interested applicant to ISB’s PGP program, I am keen to understand if the institute would accept both employer referrals from (one or more) previous employers. I currently work as an Aerospace and Defence Consultant with a private organization and the sensitive nature of my job does not permit me to disclose other pursuits- a perquisite for referrals- without repercussions on my job itself. The fact that I’ve recently taken up this position means that my periodic automatic appraisal is still a while away. As such, it would benefit me greatly to procure those documents from previous employers. Do advise.

    Question 2- Please correct me if I am wrong: upon taking the GMAT and receiving one’s scores, is it sufficient for the purposes of the online application to merely enter those test scores without any additional documentation at that point? the documentation is furnished later, 2-3 weeks after the submission of the online bit? So, conceivably (although not advisably :) ) one could take the GMAT on the 29th Nov. and submit his/her scores in time for the 2nd round’s deadline on the 30th?

    • Admissions Director says:

      1. Yes, you can have both evaluators from a previous organisation.
      2. Yes, you can take the test as late as the 30th of Nov and apply with the test centre scores.

  50. PD says:

    I will be graduating in April 2014. I wish to apply for EEO.

    Is the Jan 15 deadline applicable to me?

    Please reply soon :)

    • Admissions Director says:

      Since you will be graduating in 2014, you will be eligible to apply by Jan 2015. However, my suggestion will be that you use the Early Entry Option and apply in 2016 rather than 2015, so that you have some work experience by then. Note that the earliest you will be able to join the PGP is 2017, irrespective of whether you apply in 2015 or 2016, so use the extra year to build your case and present it well.

  51. MBA Aspirant says:

    Kind Attention : Admissions Director

    I am a Graduate Engineer who wishes to do an MBA. I have been working for as a Process Engineer in a Consultancy. I wish to know how i should use my experience to groom myself and make better use of my Work experience.

    With Best Regards

    • Admissions Director says:

      I would say that, in general, you need to have some clarity on what your career goals are. Depending on the choice of career, you will need to focus on building the skills, knowledge and experience that you help you succeed in the career of your choice.

  52. palak shah says:

    My gmat date is 27th dec 2013. And the deadline for 2nd round is 30th Nov 2013. Can I submit the application form before deadline and update gmat score later?

    • Admissions Director says:

      Dec 27th will be too late as we will receive the official score only by 15th Jan or later. We would have completed the application evaluation by then.

  53. Bitun Banerjee says:

    Hello Sir,

    I have a couple of questions:

    1) I had to withdraw from my first year of college abruptly in 2006 due to health issues – i rejoined in 2007 and completed the course in the stipulated 4 years thereafter. Where can i put a further detailed explaination of the issue in the application? Essay 4?

    2) I will be applying for R2 admissions for 2014 – but i may be travelling to Houston, TX (USA) in January. This ofcourse depends on when the VISA comes through also. Should I put Internation location and Skype interview as a choice? What if I’m still in Hyderabad when the Interview date comes along?

    -Bitun Banerjee

    • Admissions Director says:

      You may choose the Skype option at the moment but if there is a change in your travel plan, please write in to and we will schedule a personal interview if you are shortlisted.

  54. salman says:

    Dear Sir,
    I have total 4yrs of experience(3yrs in Materials Planner ) & ( 1 yr in Warehouse operations Specialist) in GULF & my GMAT score is 750.
    I have done my enggineering in IT(2009)

    What are the chances of getting the admission in ISB ?

    • Admissions Director says:

      Admission to PGP depends on your overall profile and application. I won’t be able to answer this question without receiving your completed application.

  55. Chandra says:

    Dear Sir,

    When can we expect the resultsof the round1 interviews.

  56. prashant Rajpal says:


    Can we make a mention of rewards if we don’t possess a certificate for that.

    • Admissions Director says:

      Always preferable to have certificates or recognition of rewards, but you can go ahead and mention them even otherwise.

  57. Swetha Sivaswamy says:

    Hi, I submitted the email ID for my recommender and received a note from ISB on Nov 5th saying that the email ID has been accepted and the form for the recommendation has been sent to him. However, it has not reached my recommender until now. Can ISB help? It is possible that the recipient organisation is considering these as spam, in that case can I give an another email ID for the same recommender?

    Thanks for the clarification,

  58. Richa Sethia says:

    Hello Sir,
    Please suggest if I stand a good chance as an ISB applicant. My profile is as below:

    Class X: 81.33%
    Class XII: 78.9%
    Graduation BBA (Hons): 70.4%
    CFA (Intl) Charterholder
    Work Experience: 2008-2013: Various roles in Finance with a leading FMCG company, (promoted twice).
    GMAT Score: 680 (Quants – 49/81%, Verbal – 34/70%, AWA – 5/60%, IR – 7/82%).

    • Admissions Director says:

      It would be difficult to make such an assessment as requested by you. The factors you have mentioned are important parameters of assessment and in addition we do look at your career progression, the essays and the recommendations to arrive at a short listing decision. Once a candidate is interviewed the above information along with the interview evaluation is presented to the admissions committee for a final decision.

  59. Vasundhara Bhosle says:

    Dear sir,

    I am in my final year of engineering. Can I apply to the early entry option before Jan 15?

    • Admissions Director says:

      The eligibility for the Early Entry Option (EEO) is a completed graduation. Hence only those who have completed their graduation and are in full time employment can apply for the EEO.

  60. Jatin says:

    Dear Sir,
    I need your feedback regarding my profile and do you think I should go ahead and apply for R2 PGP.
    1. 10th – 73%
    2. 12th – 63%
    3. BE (Industrial Engineering) – 74%
    4. 3.5 yrs of experience in Swedish MNC, with experience in Business Development, Supply Chain, Materials Management, and Project Management
    5. While working, I have also completed some certificate courses : Six Sigma green Belt, APICS CPIM and PRINCE2
    6. Co-curricular activities : Basketball School & College team player, Event Manager in College Fest, and Social Service along with my company members
    7. GMAT Score 680
    Do you think, with this GMAT score and Profile I stand a good chance to get into ISB?

    • Admissions Director says:

      It would be difficult to make such an assessment as requested by you. The factors you have mentioned are important parameters of assessment and in addition we do look at your career progression, the essays and the recommendations to arrive at a short listing decision. Once a candidate is interviewed, the above information along with the interview evaluation is presented to the admissions committee for a final decision. If you feel confident about your profile, you can go ahead and apply in R2. You will need to make a decision quickly and work towards it as there is limited time left for the deadline.

  61. MCR MENON says:

    My GMAT score is 6.2. Kindly confirm whether this score is within your class room cut off figure

    • Admissions Director says:

      I am assuming that you meant 620. If so, it falls within the range of GMAT scores in our class, which is 600 to 790. We don’t have a cut-off for GMAT scores, all applications are reviewed holistically.

  62. Vivek Menon says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have put in 5 years of experience which includes 1 yr in gulf, 3 year in kochi and 1 year in running own business.
    My gmat score is 560
    My grad marks – BSC 63.5, MBA 73.5
    Military experience
    Ncc experience

    Do you think I must apply this year or should I improve my Gmat score and wait for next year?

    • Admissions Director says:

      I would recommend that you improve your GMAT score before applying. You can see from our class profile that the average GMAT score is 710 and the range of GMAT score is 600 to 790.

      • Vivek Menon says:


        What about a improved score of 620 with the same background. Do think I should apply. What would be my chance of selection.

        • Admissions Director says:

          I won’t be able to comment on that without seeing your complete application, including essays, recommendations, awards and achievements, etc. We evaluate all applications holistically.

  63. Aashu says:

    Dear Director,

    I have a almost 7 years of IT experience and have score 85% in SSC (State Meritious student), 68 % in HSC and 80% in B.Tech (CSE). But my GMAT score comes out to be 500.

    With a good profile in IT field and good academics record, but with less GMAT score of 500, do I have a chance to get selected for ISB this year or shall I submit my profile next year with better GMAT Score??

    • Admissions Director says:

      I would recommend that you improve your GMAT score before applying. You can see from our class profile that the average GMAT score is 710 and the range of GMAT score is 600 to 790.

  64. Radhika says:

    Dear Sir,
    I have applied for PGP 2014-2015 program in second round. I am from Mumbai but I gave interview location as Delhi. As Interview dates for delhi are from 9th to 13th Jan I didn’t get any interview call yet, sp is that means I am not selected Or I can get call for interview at Hydrabad center ?

    Waiting for your reply

  65. Rohit Sinha says:

    I academis were not very great.
    SSC – 60.4
    +2 – 41.2
    B.Sc – 43.5
    MBA – 60.1
    and I scored 730 in GMAT.
    I have 5 years of experience in Market research with world’s leading companies.
    Kindly tell me , my education performance will decrease my chance to get into ISB.


  66. Shashank says:

    Hi sir,
    I have gmat score of 730 & will be completing my 2 years in Accenture in dec 2014.My acads are 10th-77% 12th-79% and btech 72%. Currently I am working as SAP consultant & have qualified CFA level 1.Given my acads and work ex do i stand a chance of getting admission into your prestigious institution.

  67. Anshu says:

    I’ve completed my graduation and working since 4 months. I wish to apply for the EEO. When is the next deadline?

  68. Anil Sangwan says:

    Dear Sir,

    I need your feedback regarding my profile :-
    10th – 75%
    12th – 59%(non medical)
    B.Sc. – 67%

    I have also done regular MBA (marketing) from an ordinary institute in Haryana with 67%. And I am working with pharmaceutical MNC as a sales representative (medical rep) since three years. I didn’t get any exposure during MBA and this was nothing other than a mere academic course that’s why I want to go for ISB.

    Here I have two concerns:-
    1. can I get admitted to ISB with my experience as a sales representative, and how do you rate this experience as compared to others.
    2. Would my earlier qualification (MBA) will create a negative impression in mind of interviewer. Or How is it going to impact my admission.

  69. Prem Kumar says:


    I have scored a score of 70.00 in SSC.
    I have scored 64.5 in HSC
    I have done my graduation in Engineering specializing in EIE. My average percent is 67.9%
    Currently am working as a Catalog Associate in Amazon, Chennai with 2.5 years of work experience.
    I’m the chairman of an NGO for almost an year now, and also was head of events organised by the NGO. Collected funds from various sources.
    I have scored 720 in GMAT.

    Is my profile good enough to apply for Early entry option 2014. Do I stand a chance. Kindly advise.

  70. Abhinav Gupta says:


    This is Abhinav Gupta. I had graduated from IIT Kanpur in 2010 with my Bachelors and from Virginia Tech, USA in 2013 with my Masters and in between I worked for 1 year with Indian Oil. I am currently working in the US with Intel as a process engineer. My question are:-

    1) If I apply for round 1 for 2015-2016 session, till what date will my work experience be counted for the session 2015-2016 ?
    2) Also, as I did a 2 years masters in between during which I was a graduate research and teaching assistant, will that benefit me by any means ? I mean my total work ex is kindof cut off by 2 years due to the masters but will that masters still count towards work ex or make a difference ?

    I look forward to hearing from you.


  71. jai says:

    I have 87.53% in ssc,89% in intermediate and 67.23% in b-tech
    I will get 2 years of work experience by June 2014 in IT field,i am undergoing CWM course.I am planning to undergo CFA level -1 to turn into finance field.I also have GMAT score of 670
    Please tell me how fortunate are my chances to get selected if i apply for PGP 2015-16.I will be thank full if you suggest me other areas I have to improve for enhancing my chances of getting selected

  72. eshita says:

    Hi Sir,

    When I clicked on ‘Apply now’ option on the ISB website under ‘PGP in management’ , I created the account. However, once logged in I see that the deadline is 30th April i.e. for the early entry option. My question is, that why am I getting that option since I want to directly apply for PGP. It displays at top that the deadline is 48 days to apply.


  73. Naren Maheshwari says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have completed my Chartered Accountant degree in Nov’2010. grad. ( B.Com) in 2007 and my XII in 2003 ( Science stream). Throughout avg. 60 %. Almost 4 years as training (post graduation period) and 30 months Job experience post CA in Mumbai. I belong to a very small city, but fortunately enough so far my career path has been progressive. But can you guide me if my past low academics (before CA happened) proves to be a hurdle for my admission in ISB. I am planning to appear for GMAT this June, and your advice will be quite a help.

    Naren Maheshwari

  74. sarang says:

    Sir I am working in a PSU for almost 2 years now. I want know that just my letter of appointment will suffice to show my work experience or I ll have to show something else too, considering the fact that getting a work experience certificate from my organization would be very difficult for me.

  75. rajeev says:

    Hi Sir,
    I have completed my Graduation(B.Tech 2012) in CSE Stream, with 72%,Currently working as Software Developer in a Pvt Ltd Company (had 15 months expereince ), willing to continue my post Graduation, would like to take my GMAT in next 2 months, is there any chance or hope for me to try for admission… If no chance can i try as Entry Level..

  76. Akhil says:


    I have a query regarding “Average package” that is given on the website.
    Does this average package includes International packages also ?

    Thanks !
    This blog is really informative :)

  77. sushil kumar says:

    Sir, I’ve passed my SSC with 59.5% , 78.6% in Intermediate and 65% in my graduation , my GMAT score is 720, I wish to get into ISB this year to fulfil my aims. I worked 1 year as a medical rep after my graduation and Im going to complete my post graduation this year. I wish to enter into ISB this year at any cost. Now will I be categorised under early entry category making me unfit for application as we are post deadline, or can I apply in September?. awaiting your reply.Thanks

  78. shruti gupta says:


    I am Shruti, currently working in MnC with a work experience of just 6 months since I joined in August 2013. I wanted to know in which month does the PGP classes start and since my two years will be complete by August 2015 will I be eligible for the class of 2015-2016 as normal candidate or I have to apply under EEO ?

    Thanks for your time and consideration

  79. Mohan says:

    I am Graduating this july 2014 and Joining in a MNC. I am very curious about the Early entry option, and i would like to apply for it in 2015. Going through the website i am not clear what is the deadline for EEO applicants. So i would like to know the deadline so i can appear in GMAT accordingly.
    I have one more question that the 2 year experience EEO requires is counted from the date of acceptance in ISB or the one when i started working.
    Thanking you

  80. Srini says:

    Hi Sir,

    I have completed my graduation through IGNOU (Open University). It is stated on the website that a graduate from any discipline can apply, just wanted to sure if I am eligible to apply for ISB? (Considering the other points in the eligibility criteria are satisfied)


  81. Deepika says:

    Dear Director,

    I have a almost 8 years of IT experience.
    I have good experience in my profession but do lack awards/recognition.
    Does it affect my credibility?

  82. Mona says:


    I will be completing my 2 years of work ex on 28th Jan 2015. Want to know which program I am eligible for:-
    1. Early Entry Option.
    2. PGP normal.

    Please reply.

  83. Venkatesh says:

    Hi Sir
    I have graduated my SSC with 86%, 12th with 85 %. I have 73% in B.Tech(2013 ). I am working as a software engineer in TechMahindra for past 1 year . I don’t have any recommendation letters from my company or faculty. If I have a very good GMAT and TOFEL score, do I have a chance of cracking ISB selection process without recommendation letters?

    • PGP Admissions says:

      Venkatesh: As part of the application, you do need to have 2 recommendations either from your supervisors at work or professors in college. Without it, your application will be considered incomplete.

  84. Astha Jain says:

    Dear sir,
    I have recently submitted my application and realized that the email I submitted for my evaluator is incorrect and they never received it. What can be done now to correct this issue?
    Astha Jain

  85. Sarath Chandra says:

    I recently started working , right after my graduation and I would like to apply for the Early Entry Option. I have been working in my organization for 3 months, which, in my humble opinion is not a sufficient period for assessing my capabilities that would reflect on my references. Hence, my question is, is there any other option with respect to references, for instance, would it be okay if my lecturers from college gave the letters of recommendation?
    Thanks and regards
    Sarath Chandra

    • PGP Admissions says:

      Sarath Chandra: For an application to Early Entry Option, you may get recommendations from your professors in college as well.

  86. Steffi says:

    Hi Sir,

    I stay in Hyderabad and I will be traveling on two weekends in October and November for work . I am worried that my ISB interview will clash with those dates. However these meetings are unavoidable and cannot be rescheduled since they have been booked three months in advance. Is it possible for me to reschedule my ISB interview if i get shortlisted and called for interviews on one of those weekends?


    • PGP Admissions says:

      Steffi: If you are shortlisted & the interview dates clash with your travel dates, you can always reach out to us & request for an alternative date. Our Process team will help you out with the same.

  87. christ says:

    I got 72% in 10th and 66% in 12th exam. then due to some family problems I couldn’t continue with my studies took a break of 6 years. After that I got an admission to The English and Foreign Language University, Hyderabad for pursuing French Honors with 68%. Got placed with Amazon and have worked for Amazon for the past 3 years. What would be the ideal GMAT score for me? What are my chances at ISB, Hyderabad? Waiting impatiently for your reply.

    • Admissions Director says:

      Please write to for all your queries. In case you want to have a discussion with us, we shall be happy to schedule a call for you.Thanks

      Warm Regards,
      Team Admissions

  88. Swagnik says:

    Hi Sir,

    I have scored 710 in my GMAT. Though I have graduated from IIT KGP, I have a low CGPA of 7.1. My marks in 10th and 12th are good and also have 2 years work ex in the consultancy. Please advise whether I need to improve my score to increase my chances.


  89. Mamta says:

    hello sir,

    i have a very simple question to ask. Can a homemaker apply to ISB? i quit job long back to take care of my family but now want to resume my career and take a fresh start. i have 2.5 years of work ex in an IT company.
    Please suggest as i am really confused.


  90. eeshanee says:

    Hi sir,
    I wanted to know if ISB looks at IR score now. I am aware that it did not look at it earlier.

  91. Ashish says:

    Hi Sir,

    How far will my candidature (getting in the ISB and getting placed in ISB) will be impacted because of getting 57% percent in 12th, in 10th and B-Tech I have secured 75% and 72% respectively? I have 7 year of consultation experience in MNC, client facing roles and quite descent extracurricular profile.

    Does most of the companies visiting ISB during placement days have stringent cut offs based on 12th Marks? Can this be balanced by over all profile with ease? Your comments will help me in becoming more decisive.

    Kind Regards,

    • isbadmissions says:

      Dear Ashish,

      Please write to for all your queries. In case you want to have a discussion with us, we shall be happy to schedule a call for you.

      Thank You.
      Team Admissions

  92. Vishnu Acharya says:

    Hello Sir,

    I am an ISB YLP aspirant giving my GMAT. I wanted to know in accordance with the GMAT verbal and quant score out of 800, how much importance is given to the IR section ? Also does it work simply as a cutoff criteria or does it have more importance in evaluating a candidate?

    • isbadmissions says:

      Dear Vishnu,

      All sections are given equal weightage in the selection process. However, we are not considering IR scores for YLP.

      Thank You.
      Team Admissions

  93. Puja Rajput says:

    Hello Sir, Aspiring to be part of PGP 2016-17, I have 5 years of experience in reputed MNC, and my profile varies from development to production support to testing, apart from my regular work I was actively involved in all the employee engagement activities and diff Business level Events( I was part of North America Insurance). My overall experience is in Insurance(Property n Casualty). My background: Being from Army background my schooling was from different Army schools and Kendriya Vidyalaya, with first division throughout, an engineering degree with 70.2%. I’m planning to write my GMAT in September,Considering my overall profile with mediocre past academic scores, what would be a good GMAT score to get shortlisted for the interview and subsequent final selection.


    • isbadmissions says:

      Dear Puja,

      Admission to the ISB is based on a holistic evaluation, that comprises of :

      1. Leadership potential

      2. Consistent performance in academics.

      3. Personal attributes

      Your application essays, past academic record, GMAT score, employment details and your performance in the interview, if invited, will have to reflect the above parameters, to help us assess your candidature.

      GMAT is just one parameter of the application, which is usually evaluated holistically. The range of GMAT scores accepted in the past has been between 600 and 780.

      Thank You.
      Team Admissions

  94. shalini says:


    I would like to know if i write my GMAT examination on october 13,2015 . Can i still apply for first list for ISB for which the last date is OCT 15, 2015

    • isbadmissions says:

      Dear Shalini,

      Thank you for writing in.

      You may take the GMAT any time before the deadline and submit the test center scores.

      You will be considered for R1.

      Thank You.
      Team Admissions

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