Perspectives from ISB

“You know that moment when you are going to try something for the first time, and you have this sensation that somehow, this new thing is going to change your life forever.”- Aditya Madhavan, ISB PGP Co’23

This sensation is still pulsating within us all. Hey, Co’23! We have all completed a week here at campus, and we wanted to remind you how each moment at ISB is a momentous memory in itself. A few days ago, if you would have listened closely enough, you might have heard the sounds of suitcases being zipped across the country; 900 students waiting to embark on a journey of a lifetime!

We reached out to the PGP class of ‘23, before onboarding began, to gather their feelings and expectations of finally arriving at the campus and we were delighted with all the responses we got. Utkarsh Jha shared his excitement, “I am looking forward to making new friends, enjoying campus life, focusing on development and exploring new areas of life for learning. Looking forward to this transformative journey loaded with fun and adventure”. Ravi Gupta said that he is enjoying the feeling of youth, going to school after 9 long years. “After 2.5 months of DHM from home, I’m just really excited about all the virtual faces finally coming to life”, said Raghav Khemka.

Priyanka Molakala was balancing her share of elation and anxiety, in her words, “Excitement to unleash ISB’s euphoric experience and the anxiety of  having to deal with sleep deprivation and assignment deadlines! Anticipating all the parties, pranks and lifelong bonds that’d make the coming year most memorable and precious.” Apoorva Choudhary was eager to finally meet those, “small zoom people”, in person. Palak Bansal shared, “I am really excited to participate in all the crazy activities and events, which create lifetime bonds. I can’t wait to have one-on-one interaction with the professors who have inspired me in the past two months.” For Geetika Varshney, the thought of finally meeting people in 3D and making memories was exhilarating. Mukund Kothari was looking forward to meeting a bunch of new people and take a stroll around the beautiful campus, and Nipun Agarwal felt that, “Coming to campus is like re-creating F.R.I.E.N.D.S.”

While being swamped with deadlines and exams on arrival, the reactions of the cohort are truly inspiring and instil a sense of oneness. The time is now, and the place is the Indian School of Business.

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