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March is not just a month; it’s a celebration of women’s achievements, struggles, and progress. Recently, I was fortunate to participate in an exclusive gathering organised by the Indian School of Business (ISB), where I had the honour of meeting a distinguished senior woman leader. This opportunity ignited a sense of anticipation and enthusiasm within me, especially considering my dedication to advocating for women’s diversity and inclusion.

To my immense pleasure, our guest turned out to be Christina Scott, British Deputy High Commissioner to India. Her reputation preceded her, but nothing could prepare me for the grace, intellect, and warmth she exuded during our meeting.

Christina’s hospitality was unparalleled. From the moment we arrived, she welcomed us with open arms, personally guiding us to a beautifully arranged sitting area that exuded British charm. Her kind act of offering tea and chocolates made us feel even more friendly and comfortable.

During our conversation, we covered a wide range of topics, from how India and the UK can improve their collaboration to empowering women and LGBTQ+ individuals. Christina also gave her insights on important matters such as education and finance.

As we discussed bilateral relations and societal empowerment, it became clear that Christina had a profound understanding of the complexities of India-UK relations. Her genuine desire to encourage cross-cultural collaboration was evident, as was her dedication to empowering women and promoting inclusivity, especially through student exchanges. What stood out to me the most was Christina’s leadership style—a combination of empathy, inclusivity, and a commitment to constant improvement. Her focus on embracing a leader-leader model resonated deeply with me, emphasising the importance of empowerment and self-reflection in today’s ever-changing world.

As we delved into topics like finance, international investments, and the future of collaboration between our nations, Christina’s insights were invaluable. Her vision for India’s growth and development, coupled with her personal journey, left a lasting impression on all of us.

As I left the meeting, I was filled with gratitude for the chance to interact with such an exceptional leader. Christina’s dedication to diversity and inclusion, along with her passion and expertise, left a lasting impression on me. Her unwavering commitment serves as a source of inspiration and hope for us all.

In a world where women’s voices are often sidelined, encounters like these highlight the significance of amplifying their voices and recognising their accomplishments. As we commemorate International Women’s Day and look to the future, let’s remain steadfast in our support for diversity, inclusivity, and the empowerment of women.

Organised by the offices of External Relations and Alumni Engagement, ‘Meet with a LeadHer’ is a series of interactive lunch/coffee meets where a woman leader shares perspectives on their journey and achievements with the ISB community.

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