Same day delivery wars

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It is interesting that US retailers have once again started looking into same day delivery service It seems not so long ago many internet based firms had tried and abandoned this approach to serving their customers. The last mile cost is responsible for making this [...]

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Important tips on Interviews

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With the completion of Round 1 of submissions, it is now interviews time. While we do have a good idea of what you bring to the table through the applications the interview helps us know you better. A lot of you might be contemplating the [...]

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Using OM to improve profitability

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An article on Meru Cabs, one of the largest radio taxi service companies in India, seeking to improve its profitability. Some of the challenges Meru faces in this regard are the relatively large fraction of empty cab movements and the low utilization of its cabs. [...]

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Supply Chain Secrets of the iPhone 5 launch

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(Contributed by Joseph A. Hopper) It’s not every day that we come across the CEO of a Fortune 500 company who earned his stripes as a supply chain / procurement specialist. In a design and marketing-driven organization such as Apple, how could such a candidate [...]

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Entering new retail markets is perhaps not that easy

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An article in the New York Times lists the difficulties faced by major retailers in entering the Canadian market. The Canadian market is different in its size, dispersion, availability of resources and obviously consumers, regulations and even language. Therefore, even being hours away the two [...]

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The Importance of Diversity

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In this blog, I would like to emphasize on the importance of diversity in management education. Now, diversity can come in various forms like nationalities, educational backgrounds, professional backgrounds, personalities, etc. Each student here comes with a mix of all these aspects making each one [...]

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Waste prevention in supply chains

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A delightful article on waste prevention in supply chains documents the efforts made by UK Food and Beverage manufacturers in preventing 75,000 tonnes of wastage.  Using the right metric works! It focuses attention on what is important. It is nice to see these ideas working [...]

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ISB Myth Busters

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We are in the midst of the admission season for PGP 2013-2014. This is also the time when we get a large number of queries. All these queries give me the impression that there are still a lot of myths about the ISB doing the [...]

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IT and Supply Chain Analytics.

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In a recent interview with, Vikas Sarangdhar, Research Director, Gartner, discusses the role IT plays in improving visibility across modern-day supply chains and the increasing involvement of CIOs in the management of these end-to-end supply networks.  While information visibility and data gathering are necessary first steps, [...]

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Shifts in Manufacturing and increase in Risk

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There appear to be major shifts in global manufacturing, see for example recent articles on China, India and Mexico. The outcome related to the changes in Euro is also quite unclear. How should manufacturers derisk operations? Do you see examples of changing supply chain strategies?

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World Bank ranks countries on logistics

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The world bank recently published its report on global trade logistics.  Once every two years, the World Bank produces the Logistics Performance Index (LPI) which measures on-the-ground logistics performance in more than 150 countries worldwide.  International trade can be substantially improved by reducing logistical barriers [...]

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Improving supply chain logistics.

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In a recent article in The Hindu, Vineet Agarwal, Joint Managing Director, TCI lists a few challenges related to logistics and transportation industry in India.  As the Indian economy grows, and industrial production and consumption increase, the transportation logistics sector is struggling to keep pace.  [...]

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A recent article features IndiGo, which along with SpiceJet, was one of the only two Indian airlines that were profitable in 2011. The parallels with Southwest in the U.S are striking: on-time performance, no-frills service, high aircraft utilization and having only one type of aircraft [...]

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There is a trend in the US to bring manufacturing back to its shore. A recent article describes Google's plan to manufacture its new entertainment device in the Silicon Valley instead of China. The article also states that by 2015 the labor-cost savings by manufacturing [...]

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Macs vs PCs

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A  recent  article reports that the online travel company Orbitz shows different hotels to customers depending on whether they visit the website from a Mac or a PC. The Mac users are in many cases shown the more expensive and pricier hotels. Is this good [...]

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Can Ikea source 30% from small local firms?

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A recent article reports that IKEA has applied to invest $2 billion in India. For IKEA to be successful it has to source 30% of its products for sale in India from small local firms. Is this really possible? I can only recall Li and [...]

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Charlie Fine’s Blog on Indian Manufacturing Scenario

By | June 12, 2012|Uncategorized|

  (posted with approval of Professor Charlie Fine) Slumdog Manufacturing: Misery, Work, Politics, Hope, and Communication Futures by Charles Fine, Chrysler LGO Professor of Management and Engineering Systems MIT Sloan School   January 1st, 2012 On December 28, I flew home, following a five-week [...]

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RFID technology to detect food spoilage

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In a recent article researchers at MIT announced that they have found an inexpensive device to monitor the freshness of fruits and vegetables. How can retailer's use such a device in managing their supply chains is an open question? One viewpoint is that if the [...]

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Pizza Hut Offers Subs!

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A recent article says Pizza Hut has entered the market for sandwiches. It is strange that the chain has chosen to enter a market dominated by Subway. But, consumer's have more choice. They can go to one place and get all that they want. It [...]

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Fuel Price Hike

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In an article in response to the hike the industry appears to welcome the hike. Why is the public's view different? Will the cost of logistics change so much as to impact day to day affairs? Your comments are welcome.

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When to apply – Round 1 or Round 2

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I have been asked by many prospective applicants as to which round is the best to apply – R1 or R2. My advice is very simple. You should apply when you are ready. If your GMAT is in place and so are the essays and [...]

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Different segments of the Application Process

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Our experience tells us that it is important that you divide the entire application process in manageable segments. Given the fact that you would be busy in your professional commitments, here is a break-down of the application process. There are 12 sections that needs to [...]

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What do we look for in a prospective ISB student?

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We are primarily looking at the following attributes in prospective applicants:   1.       Consistent academic record 2.       Clarity of thought in terms of career aspirations and goals 3.       People who have demonstrated attributes of leadership.   Consistent academic record is a good indicator of the [...]

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GMAT exam

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GMAT scores are valid for up to 5 years and the ISB accepts scores which are in this limit and if a person has taken the test more than once we take the highest score. One of the golden rules for deciding when to take [...]

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How to get started with the application…

By | June 14, 2011|Uncategorized|

The application process for the next class starting April 2012 is now on and I thought it would be a good idea to start this year’s blog with a note on how to get started with the applications. In my experience over years of having [...]

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