Perspectives from ISB

The little boy running around with sticks and tires in a small village in Kerala would have never imagined going to a premier B-School like ISB. And why would he? He barely knew how to speak English until almost thirteen years of age. Yes, that’s how my story started but I decided to change its trajectory.

When I moved to Bangalore to pursue higher education, the move itself was considered an achievement and a privilege. To top it up, an IT job in a tier 1 city was the absolute pinnacle of dreams for people who moved from a village to a tier 1 city. But I knew I wanted something more. The more I lived in the city, the more I realized there is so much to aim for. I tasted the air of entrepreneurship, travelled solo and became an independent musician.

I was lucky to experience both sides of the coin – the perseverance from a village and the exposure from the city. I learned that the more diverse people you meet, you sharpen the lens with which you see the world. That is when I decided to pursue higher studies and get an MBA from a place where there are more diverse people to sharpen our collective lens. And once I got my admit from ISB, I knew I was only limited by my dreams!

– Harith Venkitakrishnan, PGP Co’23

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