Perspectives from ISB

Like most of you, even I believed that GMAT was the only gateway to ISB. However, I happened to interact with an Alum who got into ISB through GRE. Yes! ISB like any Global B-School accepts both GMAT and GRE exam for admission and do they not differentiate between either test takers.
Now that I have busted this myth, some quick tips before you choose to begin your preparations. It is important for you to know that both these tests are very different. I would strongly recommend each one of you to choose the exam where you can leverage your strength the most. Since GRE lays greater emphasis on vocabulary, an area of my strength, I chose to go ahead with GRE.

Having applied through GRE score myself and qualifying in Round 1, I can confidently say, “Don’t stop dreaming and working hard and don’t let the choice of your test deter your preparation”. All the best!

-Shweta Dolwani, PGP Co’23

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