Perspectives from ISB

“Having a background in neither engineering nor mathematics, I was hesitant to go back to college after a nine-year break. In addition, I worked more than ten hours a day on average and frequently travelled for work. But I always knew that I need to pursue an MBA from a prestigious institution to enhance my perspective on the sector.

I can still clearly remember how demotivated I was after seeing my performance on the first mock test. But as I learned more, I realised that everyone approaches the exam in a different way, so I came up with my own strategy.

I didn’t think twice about giving myself plenty of time and spent almost a year getting ready. I took time in the morning before work started and cut the lunch and break times to get an extra hour in the day.

The business trips interrupted my study schedules, so I made the decision to make up for it by dedicating more time on the weekends. Gradually, the mock scores started showing improvements, and I scored 331 in the first GRE attempt. And so, this one experience of acing the GRE test turned into a lifelong lesson in perseverance.”

– Sudhir Gouda, PGP Class of 2023

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