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I believe that in an increasingly corporate arena, an entrepreneur’s vision should always include incorporating the right business management skills and comprehensive knowledge in aspects such as strategy and finance, alongside technical proficiency.

Being a graduate of Computer Science from Manipal University, my expertise and experience of 14 years were solely concentrated within the technical field. ISB’s Post Graduate Programme in Management for Senior Executives, PGPMAX has been a definite game changer in my career. It helped me gain better insights into the frameworks of management and to grow professionally from a Programme Manager in CXC Solutions to my current profile as a Global technology due diligence lead, KPMG.

The comprehensive casestudies taught by Professor Hardeep Singh and Professor Prashant Kale coupled with the practical skills taught at ISB truly helped me become ‘future-ready’. Professor Milind Sohoni is an excellent teacher and has supported me throughout the course for Analytics. The programme has offered me relevant learnings that I consistently implement in my daily work life – from Talent Management to Strategic Negotiations. I always refer to the lessons learned at ISB.

Having witnessed the exponential growth of my spouse, also an alum of ISB’s flagship PGP, Post Graduate Programme in Management, I trusted that PGPMAX was a viable choice for taking my aspirations of being a leader to the next level.

Moreover, the opportunity to interact with the faculty and fellow students on campus was a reassurance of the unmatched quality and the global standards of the education at ISB. Moreover, the international immersions provided great opportunities to bring the laboratory of the world to our learning journey.

The decision to enrol in ISB has proven to be one of the best investments of time, money and efforts. It has been a significant step towards climbing the ladder of success.

My advice to all PGPMAX aspirants would be to leverage the broad network ISB links you to, learn concepts from their roots and ultimately, do your bit by putting in 100% on the work, passion and determination towards your goal. ISB always has a way of propelling you to the future you have always dreamed of.

– Harsh Singh
   PGPMAX, Class of 2018
   Global technology due diligence lead, KPMG

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