Fostering a Community: Student Clubs at ISB

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ISB’s commitment to creating the world’s future business leaders involves far more than classroom learning. In addition to innovative programs and world-class faculty, ISB’s student clubs offer access to continued enrichment through leadership, social and personal experiences. Coordinated and managed by ISB’s Graduate Student Board (GSB), student clubs -- which are student-led and organized into [...]

Beyond the Classroom: ISB’s Experiential Learning Programme

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We’ve all heard the expression, “Knowledge is power,” but the Indian School of Business (ISB) takes the concept one step further with its Experiential Learning Programme (ELP). ELP students don’t just acquire knowledge within a narrow and controlled classroom setting. Rather, they apply this knowledge to real world business challenges through hands-on practice. The result? [...]

The Indian MBA: The Benefits of B-School in an Emerging Economy.

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Poised for superpower status in the 21st century, India’s emerging economy is predicted by many to become the world’s largest within the next century. A massive democratic population, entrepreneurial spirit, and resource-conscience country, India -- thanks to the promise of a stable government and analysts remaining bullish on the equity market -- has the potential [...]

Women in Management

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In the past century, women around the world have made great strides in entering the business world and working toward the levels of pay and responsibility afforded by their male counterparts. However, although women comprise 48.5 percent of India’s population, they represent a mere 26.1 percent of rural workers and 13.8 percent of urban employees, [...]

How to make a strong EEO application

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The applications for the Early Entry Option (EEO) for PGP are in progress and the last date for the same is just around the corner viz. on the 30th of April, 2014. Have you submitted your applications yet? If not, then here are a few pointers I would like to put across on how to [...]

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