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With just 7 weeks more to go, the Cycle 2 deadline is soon approaching.Here are the tips for you submit a stronger application.

1. Start early: Understand your fit with the school and start your application essays. These essays would require you to reflect on your achievements and accomplishments, and state your career goals.
2.Prepare a timeline: Make a check list and a rough deadline to finish parts of the application. Here is your ISB application checklist
3. Select the right Recommender: Your recommendation letter is a crucial part of your application. Make sure you select a recommender who has worked with you and your performance has had an impact on his/ her performance. Get in touch with the recommended, seek their evaluation and follow up with them for completing and submitting your evaluation on time. Read more about how to select your recommendations here :

4. Review & update : Make sure you have mentioned all the important assignments you have undertaken recently or If you have had any significant increase in responsibility , promotion or profile  change you can showcase that in your application. This would make your profile stronger. Review your essays and application several times. Clarity and introspection are important for strong essays, this comes when you go through them time and again.

At ISB, there is no difference in applying in Cycle1 or Cycle 2. A student gets shortlisted for an interview if they fullfill the three criteria – Academic record, leadership potential and personal attributes. Read more here . Our aim is to bring high calibre, diverse and contributing students to class, so apart from the regular academic learning that happens in the class, there is also a peer learning that happens outside it.

The Cycle 2 deadlines is Jan 15, 2017.

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You can complete your application by logging on to the application portal (

Good Luck.