Solved real-world problems of the healthcare ecosystem at AMPH

By | October 26th, 2020|AMPH alumni|

Karan Dave, a healthcare consultant, shares his journey of transformation from being a science graduate to becoming the facility director at Health City Cayman Islands and his work as a healthcare consultant now. Karan is an alumnus of AMPH Co 2017. On his current work and profession  I am a healthcare consultant based in the Caribbean region who is constantly exploring avenues to improve the patient experience while maximizing the shareholders’ value in the company. [...]

‘Learnt to bridge the gaps and ensure equitable access to quality healthcare at ISB’

By | October 14th, 2020|AMPH alumni|

Vikram Thaploo, CEO, Telehealth & Government Businesses at Apollo Hospitals, shares his journey and experiences from leading one of India's largest telehealth services at Apollo.  Vikram is an alumnus of AMPH Co 2018.    On his current work and profession  I overlook primary healthcare and population health delivery into rural markets, government businesses, and delivery of remote healthcare, thereby driving a 360-degree adoption of technology and ensuring a continuum of healthcare for the patients at Apollo. This comprises formulating [...]

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