Patients: Drivers or receivers of care?

By | November 3rd, 2022|AMPH Discussion Circle|

Patient centricity is an attitude, strategy, mission, and value system that needs to be incorporated into the promotor’s cultural DNA. It should flow as a top-down culture. The CEO/promotor’s vision should include patient-centricity for the organisation to be able to deliver this promise. AMPH Co 2022 students Anupama Srikonda and Dr. Swati Jha invited experts and industry [...]

Enhancing patient satisfaction via auxiliary healthcare system

By | September 23rd, 2022|AMPH Discussion Circle|

Hospital auxiliary services can help greatly in enhancing patient satisfaction. These services work at the backend but their contribution in the overall care delivery to the patient is no less than that of clinical services. AMPH Co 2022 students Dr. Fateen Fatima Mazher and Dr. Niranjana Raj invited experts and industry leaders to share their opinions and insights [...]

Catalysing financing in healthcare via ‘Blended Finance’: The way forward

By | July 26th, 2022|AMPH Discussion Circle|

Blended finance is an approach toward financing where catalytic funding (e.g. grants and concessional capital) from public and philanthropic sources is utilised to mobilise additional private sector investment to realise social goals and outcomes. It uses development finance and philanthropic funds to attract private capital into deals, and the private investors receive financial returns which [...]

Decoding a SMART Hospital

By | March 3rd, 2022|AMPH Discussion Circle|

Smart hospitals “optimize, redesign and/or build new clinical processes, management systems and maybe even infrastructure, all enabled by underlying digitized networking infrastructure of interconnected assets, to provide a valuable service or insight which was not possible or available earlier, to achieve better patient care, experience and operational efficiency” as defined by Heathcare Global. Implemented through three [...]

Can healthcare go the “Uber” way?

By | February 2nd, 2022|AMPH Discussion Circle|

A growing number of startups classify themselves as “patient aggregators” on similar lines as “taxi aggregators”. While the founders and the investors behind these projects would vouch for the benefits and value that these projects add to healthcare delivery, there’s are certainly some unanswered doubts and apprehensions.    AMPH Co 2022 students Dr. Karun Singla and [...]

How is telehealth going to transform healthcare delivery in India?

By | January 19th, 2022|AMPH Discussion Circle|

Telehealth has been at the forefront of the rapidly evolving healthcare delivery models in India, especially now during the pandemic. While the benefits of telehealth are quite evident, there are some questions that need to be addressed for it to be widely accepted and adopted. Some of these are: How do we ensure quality in telehealth? Who [...]

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