Designing an effective loyalty program to incentivize consumption of fruits and vegetables: The case of peri-urban Hyderabad

By | August 11th, 2020|Operations Management|

By Arindam Debbarma, Analyst, MIHM Fruits and vegetables (FV) are an integral part of what constitutes a healthy diet, which in turn helps in preventing malnutrition as well as a range of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) [1]. Nevertheless, socioeconomically disadvantaged people consume fewer fruits and vegetables, and thus, they are at higher risk for diseases [2]. According to [...]

Last-Mile Distribution Models for Health Commodities: The case of ORS/Zinc

By | July 22nd, 2020|Operations Management|

By Aman Kabra, Analyst, MIHM Availability of essential health products at retails outlets (pharmacies and chemists) in rural areas across India is poor (Maiti, Bhatia, Padhy, & Hota, 2015) and is a major barrier for improving healthcare access (Batliboi & Tambe, 2014). The two major drivers of low availability are – (a) smaller assortments at [...]

How do private providers manage hypertension? The Case of Karimnagar

By | July 22nd, 2020|Operations Management|

By Aman Kabra, Analyst, MIHM Hypertension is the number one health-related risk factor in India, with the largest contribution to the burden of disease and mortality.[i] It has been the single most significant cause of death in India for the last 15 years[ii], accounting for 0.8 million deaths out of the 9.6 million recorded deaths [...]

An aggregated sample collection model for COVID-19?

By | May 12th, 2020|Operations Management|

Indian Council of Medical Research has, over the past few days, increased the Covid-19 testing capacity in India massively. Starting with 3,700 tests in March to scaling them up to over 18,000 tests (as on April 11), the testing capacity is all set to increase further. Much of this is attributed to increased procurement of kits, 24*7 labs, [...]

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