Perspectives from ISB

Samarth Garg PGP Co’23

“No one in our family has done business before. How will you be able to do it?”, this was the first line I heard when I told my parents that I wish to start my own company. Looking from their perspective, it made absolute sense. I still remember the time when we used to sleep on the floors of railway stations to save costs while traveling. After a lot of hard work and effort, the family finally became financially stable and now their son, who has a good job, wants to leave the job and tread on an unstable path.

Nonetheless, being a person always seeking adventure, I went on the road less traveled and founded a startup in the Agritech segment by investing all my savings. We worked with beekeepers on increasing their income by training them on allied products and efficient beekeeping techniques while providing quality honey to consumers and businesses on the front-end. Everything was difficult at first, but slowly as we progressed, we started having fun on the way. Even the opinion of family members changed when we became the first company to introduce honey to Indian Railways despite just being a startup. On the way through our journey, we received a grant from Govt of India to fuel our dreams and turn them into reality.

A startup is a journey of ups and downs, complete failures, and turnarounds. It is a journey full of uncertainties. Due to some reasons, I had to take a very difficult decision to put a pause on our startup baby which we were nurturing. I understood that I had to gain knowledge and build a network of successful people to build a successful business. Hence, I decided to pursue my education at ISB.

One thing which I have learned through hard experience is that ups and downs will keep on coming. Sail through them and sometimes put a pause on something good, maybe for something even better.

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