Perspectives from ISB

I had no idea that I was in fact preparing to succeed in the MBA program when I started my preparation for GMAT and MBA application.

The GMAT became my test of tenacity, the trait that is most essential for surviving in the rigorous and competitive MBA environment. I realized that by preparing for GMAT, I had set myself on a journey to develop my verbal and quantitative abilities. Equally important were getting accustomed to the exam environment and understanding the expectations of the test. It was more about applying things rather than about knowledge and each attempt helped me understand what was really required. Even though it was disappointing to fail the early attempts, I knew that this was my only opportunity to switch gears and advance to something of the next league. Finally, the third GMAT attempt worked like a charm for me, but the subsequent tasks of preparing essays and clearing interviews weren’t any easier.

Like the GMAT exam, my application became better with each attempt. It demanded a great deal of introspection which helped me build self-confidence and find deeper purpose.

My next challenge was to do well in the interview. After my first interview, I was advised that I needed to improve my communication skills. I became a Toastmaster, enrolled in courses and read communication books. In my next interview, I was informed that my persistence and passion are what changed the outcome when I finally got the admit.

I feel that the journey to make it into ISB was in itself a transformational journey just like the journey that I’m currently going through at ISB.

– Cebe Chakaravarthi, PGP Co’23