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My memories with Vani, my daughter, are countless, and we share a great togetherness. The one which I am writing here is her participating in a singing contest in Warsaw, where she was schooling in Poland in grade 3.

She was qualified for the singing contest competing among her European school mates, on every round, and was the only candidate from her school to reach the finale, but she came second in the contest. As she was confident of winning it, so she felt really sad and cried a lot, but I consoled her and told her that it is okay, participation & sportsmanship is more important than winning. One has to give her best, and she has done that.

Since that day, I have never seen her crying on not winning a contest; she participates in every school contest and extracurricular activities. While she learnt from what I told her that day, but I also discovered how easily kids listen, accept, and implement changes in their attitude to be a better person.  And how difficult it is for us with all our egos.

This is one of my favourite memory, and I would like to conclude that my daughter means the world to me, and with her enthusiasm and ecstatic nature, I never get bored in her company.

-Poonam Tripathi, Admissions and Financial Aid

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