Perspectives from ISB

For parents, the demands of parenthood often obscure the little things we learn along the way. Yes, learn from those very human beings whom we constantly help with their daily essentials! Tiny they are but come with a refreshing outlook on life, priorities, and what affects them. I have been often amused at what troubles them and laughed at how insignificant their issues are compared to mine. But I have learnt that their attitudes and perceptions can teach me many things.  

A case in point would be when my son could not celebrate his birthday as his close friends couldn’t make it but made it a point to go to theirs. When asked why he didn’t refuse, he explained that it didn’t matter how they were to him, but it mattered how he behaved. He did what he believed was right towards them and respected their invite. My daughter often spends time brokering peace between her friends. On asked why she doesn’t ignore these fights that break out as it doesn’t involve her, she replied that her priority is to ensure a happy play environment even if it means spending personal time to mend broken bonds.  

In our constant journey (and often struggle) to provide them with the best that we can, we often miss the trees for the woods. Let’s enjoy these precious moments as the lines blur between the learnt and the learner! 

– Mridula Anand, Srini Raju Centre For IT and The Networked Economy


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