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Being a parent is a lifelong commitment. It is a journey full of responsibilities, fun, love, and caring. Of course, knowingly or unknowingly, we tend to take the role of preacher, assuming we know everything in the world. All of a sudden, we become masters – in front of those innocent, charming cute little pies. But the truth is there is a lot we can learn and take lessons from them.

I can’t forget those beautiful moments – when I held my baby, Ridith, for the first time in my hands, observing the charm and magic!! Have you noticed the blissful smile that a baby gives while sleeping without any reason? I feel it could probably be the secret behind human life: “There is no need for reasons to be happy!!”

As an enthusiastic mom, I always make time to answer all my kids’ questions and times feels proud when he acknowledges & applauses. But it was during one of my conversations which I had with my boss over lunch where I had realised that as parents we need to be cautious of words we use, and there is so much to learn from our little ones.

The boss was expecting an urgent email from a colleague that was needed for a client’s presentation the next day. While the colleague told him that he would send the email before leaving for the day, nothing came to him. He waited till midnight as the presentation was early morning. There was no communication from the colleagues in terms of calls or even no answer to the follow-up messages. He didn’t even return the call. In the morning at 7 am, he was tried to be contacted again but again in vain. That time boss lost it and started drafting an escalation mail grumbling in anger. His 6 years old son, who was observing him, told ‘Dad relax, maybe uncle lost his phone or maybe he is not well.’

Those words struck him! He came to know later that the colleague actually had met with an accident on his way to home. When things go wrong, then if we could get just a little tap out the inner child in us, we would certainly have a world that had more empathy and kindness.

-Phani Keerthi Y, Digital Transformation

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