Perspectives from ISB

We wish everyone a Happy Children’s day. Ever since our kids came into our lives, it has changed. After Karthikeya and Karthika were born, my wife and I turned a new chapter of life as parents. It has been a great journey to watch them grow up. Each day of early parenthood is very challenging. My respect for my wife has increased after having kids as I see her going extra miles to take care of them.

As parents, our kids have taught us to be patient, to care, to sing rhymes, to dance, and to live a life away from the digital world. They have also taught us to be careful in the choices we make, the words we say, and the way we treat others as we know they are watching us, and it’s going to define their outlook.

Being with my kids made me relax but also responsible. Parenthood is great bliss. I am sure it will get even better when the kids grow up to teach me more about life.

– Ramesh Kotnana, Dean’s Office

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