Perspectives from ISB

It’s amazing how we grow from carefree kids to careless teens to extra careful parents! 

As I sat down, silently thinking about my journey, the blinking cursor on the blank word document transported me to the night before the day I was supposed to join back at work after six blissful months with my bundle of joy – My daughter Oorja.  

I could not sleep that entire night. My mind was full of anxiety, nervousness, and a mixed bag of emotions. With those cluttered thoughts, I remember asking God for a hint, a sign, an indication that everything will turn out to be okay. Almost magically, I felt a tiny hand pressing against my hand and two beautiful eyes looking into mine as if saying that Mom – Go ahead, I shall be fine.  

I got my Hint!  

To this day, my daughter has been my source of power and energy. She constantly reminds me that I must keep going, that I have to keep challenging my limits to tell her that there are none for her too! 

Happy Children’s Day 🙂

– Ritu Chopra, Human Resources 

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