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On 3 Dec 2016, on ISB’s Mohali campus, my Wife Deepika & I experienced the toughest day of our lives. This was the day my four-year-old daughter fell from the swings and broke her left elbow into two pieces. After 6 hours of surgery, 16 stitches, and 3 supporting metal rods, we were glad to be with her again. The recovery and the physiotherapy took many months, and it was a painstaking process, at least for us, if not for Aahana. I experienced that feeling where you can’t feel your knees, and the world is sinking on you, especially as she was playing with me. I felt that all her pain was because of me.

The most significant learning for us from this incident was how a four-year-old could smile every day and try to focus on the positives in life and not pay attention to the pain in one hand. Once the stitches were taken off after three weeks, we could see her laughing and giggling and playing with her friends with so much energy that it used to drive us in our lives & became the fuel for us in those tough days. In today’s complex world, we should unlearn and learn from children and not let the active, resilient, powerful & energetic child inside us get worried by all the pain in life.

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