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I don’t even know how to describe you in words without breaking into a smile at every word which is why I am writing this when nobody is watching me, lest people think of me as crazy 🙂

As 10 months old, you have taught me so many things that if I start talking about them, I will just go on and on and on.  

You are such a happy baby that even when you get hurt badly and feel like crying, you start to laugh the moment we pick you up and make funny faces at us. You teach us that no matter how much pain we are in, we are should never forget to smile.  

You understand emotions so well – whenever I’m feeling a bit low, I talk to you about it. And, you listen to me with complete attention and with such an “understanding” expression in your eyes that says, “everything will be okay. Mumma, ?I am there for you”. You teach us that we need to be a good listener to be a good human being.  

But then remember, I am your Mumma. You might be a smart cookie because the moment you see me coming to you with food or with oil for your message, you try to crawl away as fast as you can, but I always catch you, and you laugh at your another failed attempt at escape. You teach us to celebrate every moment, whether we win or not.   

I love you, Vihu. 

– Seema Upadhyay, Admissions and Financial Aid

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