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William Wordsworth truly said, ‘Child is the father of Man’, While I often am the preacher at home like a typically obsessed mom, it’s my girls, however, who really bring out life lessons.

I am a mother of two girls, Diya (9 years ) and Gauri (2.5 yrs). The incident that I am sharing today is the one which made me realise our kids are much more sensible then we think. Recently during a visit to our relative’s house, my eldest one was asked the most obvious question that what would she like to become when she grows up?

Diya said she wants to study medicine and be a doctor so that she can help the poor people who can’t afford the medical expenses. She further surprised me by saying that she would like to do her job in the first half and give her services by organising a free medical check-up camp at house or Gurudwara in the evenings. Her statement was an eye-opener for me as taking out time to serve the needy was no longer in my to-do list of things hiding behind the façade of a busy job and family responsibilities. For us as elders, service to society was long forgotten and often was seen as wastage of time.  Such big thoughts of my little girl touched me and made me realise the worth of selfless good deeds that often take a backseat in our grown-up world.

I felt so proud and happy that Diya has such noble thoughts at such a young age & remembered Mother Teresa’s quote, ‘A life not lived for others is not a life.’

-Parul Khullar, Alumni Engagement

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