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Misfortunes do not discriminate, and road accidents can happen with all. Having a trauma centre close by can save many lives than you can fathom. However, the harsh reality is that hundreds of people don’t survive accidents, basically, due to the lack of necessary medical care. I lost my brother to a road accident. We have doctors for diabetes, cancer, tuberculosis, etc., but intensive care specialists are scanty. That’s when I moved towards becoming an intensive care specialist.

While growing up, I wasn’t sure about pursuing science as I liked mathematics more. It was because of my biology teacher, who gave me the ultimate push, I picked science and then medical. Education and educators play a critical role in any students lives.

After my MBBS, I chose Pulmonology as my speciality. In due course, I acquired a team of brilliant young minds; we majorly worked in the Tricity area. Here, our challenge was to make intensive care cost effective. More often than not, people who meet with accidents are from humble backgrounds, and they don’t have enough money to sustain intensive care for long. This had to change. I started working on reducing the cost and increasing the quality of intensive care with my team. We did a lot of studies and attended several conferences.

In one such conference about Telemedicine in Pune, I met a gastroenterologist from Hyderabad, and she mentioned about ISB’s Advanced Management Programme for Healthcare (AMPH). Her experience and feedback got me curious, and after talking to a colleague who was also pursuing a management course in some institute, I decided to apply for the programme. ISB worked out best for me while working crazy hours because of its modular programme structure.

AMPH helped me understand the economic bit of medicine that I wasn’t aware of before. It helped me optimise several procedures at our hospital, reducing the cost of procedures. The faculty at ISB was exceptional, and the professionalism they depicted was great. The learnings from the programme and my classmates were very practical and have helped me take steps actively towards making critical care better.
Today, I am working with my team to set up trauma centres at locations far from hospitals and that are accident prone. We will thrive harder and get intensive care to more people.

This #DoctorsDay, I encourage the youth to choose intensive care as their speciality because India needs more intensive care specialists.

Know more about AMPH, here.

– Dr Deepak Bhasin
AMPH Class of 2019
Associate Director – Medical Intensive Care, Pulmonology and Sleep Medicine at Max Hospital, Mohali, Punjab

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