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Every industry has its black sheep, and the medical fraternity has its share of them too. But that doesn’t mean that the entire community is bad. I am a doctor, and I have seen my seniors fighting and working extremely hard for the welfare of their patients, even if it means that they have to go against some of their own colleagues.

My father works for the government, and we have been around the country because of his transfers. The one thing that he has taught me with his experiences is that there is no greater service in life than to save lives. His teachings motivated me to become a doctor.

After my MBBS, I worked at the various hospital. The last job I did was of a Medical Officer in Air India, New Delhi. Doctors treat their patients to the best of their abilities. The main essence of this profession has remained the same since its conception. However, for various reasons, the healthcare scenario in India has always seen overburdened doctors with excess patient load per doctor. Most government hospitals overflow with patients. Sadly, this scenario has just worsened over the years.

It is easy to blame doctors for mismanagement, but hardly a few see their struggles. Witnessing all the hardships, I decided to make the system better for doctors. That’s the only way that’ll help them do their job better. For this, I needed professional education, and I looked at ISB. The Postgraduate Programme in Management (PGP) looked good as it was a one-year programme, and it was known to have a diverse peer group. Also, moving from a medical background into the management world, ISB’s active interest in digital healthcare sealed the deal for me.

Digitalisation has entered every field, healthcare too. Companies like,, etc. have increased in number; however, their penetration is still limited. I realise the vast potential this industry carries in terms of growth with the help of digitalisation. Optimising procedures, gaining more accurate results, saving time, and in turn, more lives are all possible because of newer technologies and theories. Bringing these into the healthcare systems and in the day-to-day tasks of a hospital will make the system better.

Being doctors, we all work very hard, but there is nothing more satisfying than seeing the result of our hard work and effort as everything happens in real-time in this field.

This #DoctorsDay, I hope that the people of this country start relooking at their perspective towards the medical community and help doctors save more lives. And to my fellow doctors, adopt technology-enabled processes; they truly make you more efficient.

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– Dr Avi Singhal
PGP Class of 2020

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