Perspectives from ISB

If anyone coming to ISB thinks ISB Super League (ISL) is not a serious thing, they are highly mistaken. After placements, ISL becomes the bread and butter of almost everyone on campus – it is legit true. You would suddenly see athletes unleashing from every corner of the campus, quite literally!

I had the privilege of playing many sports for my team, but my core strength was basketball. In my prime days, I have played at many levels, but playing in ISL was a different experience altogether. ISL gives you the flavour of how sportsmen/women maintain a perfect balance between competition and harmony, how friends play with/against friends and winning means good sportsmen spirit rather than money. 

Due to limited women players, basketball entails women playing with men. Well, that is the most challenging part because of differences in physical strength but giving them a tough fight is something I tried to do! The entire course of the tournament is exhilarating because you never know when their normal jumps can end up breaking your bones, their ball taps can break your specs and their mild defense can make you trip on your face!

But after experiencing what ISL is, I am grateful that I embraced this opportunity. The scars reflect the passion and respect every player showed for the sport. Personally, I would urge all female athletes of the incoming batch to let go of their inhibitions and play their hearts out because like I said – ISL is one hell of an experience!

– Manya Sarin, PGP Class of 2019, National Level Basket Ball Player