Perspectives from ISB

Hyderabad: The Host Family Network Program of the Indian School of Business, AIKYA, has been one of the oldest and most sought-after student engagement initiatives. The program aims to give students an opportunity to interact with some of the most elite families of the city .It helps them seek guidance – personal and professional – in a conducive and distinctly familial setup. AIKYA’18 symbolized the commencement of this tradition for PGP Co-2019 and was launched with much fanfare on Sunday, the 29th of July.

The focus of this year’s event was to give a rich and unforgettable experience to the AIKYA families and no stone was left unturned to achieve the same. Right from the warm reception of families by their respective students to their entertainment at the Khemka auditorium, the minutest elements of the event were meticulously planned. For the ease of families, student profiles were shared upfront with the families to facilitate ice-breaking. This year, AIKYA saw the on-boarding of 5 new families. Over 200 students became a part of the program, one of the largest participation AIKYA has seen till date.

The theme of Royalty reflected from every element of décor: from the Welcome Rangoli, to the Palatial grandeur of Khemka and the Atrium lobby. Every inch of the décor was designed in-house and were contributed by the AIKYA Core Team and the Spouses & Families Association. In the run up to the launch event, Radio Club hosted Team AIKYA on the talk show “AIKYA Hai Kya” at ISB’s Radio Channel I@ISB.

The cultural program began with the Welcome Address by the Lead Coordinator: AIKYA’18, Ankur Badonia in Khemka. Professor Rajendra Shrivastava, Dean: ISB, officially inaugurated the program by addressing the audience. This was followed by the lamp lighting ceremony during which the stage was graced by Professor Ramabhadran Thirumalai, Dean: Academic Programs, some of the oldest AIKYA families & the President: Graduate Student Board, Nitya Samuel.

The stage was set for the performances to begin and the Dance Club’s Footwork Factory with its eloquent welcome dance “Ghoomar” won everyone’s hearts. The Theatre Club then presented a beautiful play portraying the dynamic life of ISB and the significance of AIKYA in students’ lives. Amidst a thunderous round of applause from the audience, all the esteemed 35 AIKYA families were introduced with their names projected on the large Khemka screen.

Following the family introductions, a mesmerizing royal dance performance “Deewani” by the Footwork Factory enchanted everyone in Khemka & the beautiful “Shayari – Jugalbandi” by the Poetry SIG left the audience awestruck. With its final performance for the day, the Footwork Factory set the stage on fire with the victory song “Malhaari”. The showstopper of the night was a medley of Hindi & Telugu songs performed by the Music Club. The cultural program ended with a vote of thanks, delivered by the Director: Student Life Council, Anusha MD.

After the cultural event, the families headed for the gala dinner at Atrium. Even as some families had dinner, others were found busy clicking memorable pictures at the AIKYA Photobooth with a stunning palace background. A souvenir photo frame with pictures taken at the photo booth was presented to the AIKYA families as a token of gratitude. Lastly, families left their memories of the launch event on the AIKYA Experience Board. The evening has served as a splendid beginning to the AIKYA tradition for Co2019 and has solidified the bonds which will only get stronger during the year.

A few messages from the families summarizing their experience at the event:

“The best of the AIKYA performance in the last 7 years. Kudos! Blessed to have such a lovable extended family. Looking forward to our bonding”

“Really very great planning and coordination by all students. Wishing you all the very best in time coming”

”Wonderful interacting with students on a one to one basis. You guys are talented. Keep shining. Enjoyable evening”

“Thank you AIKYA! Lovely Performance”

“The performances were definitely best so far in ISB History”

“Absolutely superb reopening to AIKYA tradition. We really enjoyed all performances & look forward to an engaging & fun year with our new family”

Article Courtesy: The AIKYA Organizing Team