Perspectives from ISB

As they say,

“Life has plans for you!”

-much of that is true in my case.

After completing the highest level of education- M.Phil and Ph.D I just wanted to sit back, relax and continue with my work. I never thought of what next in academics! But when learning and growing is in your being, something as great as ISB comes and you just start walking on path and trust that in the end you will take off the road and fly. This is what ISB is to me. Taking on a game of balancing between personal life and work wasn’t easy and now I had PGPPRO. While the daily schedule of keeping up with all targets and deliverable has become taxing, I have friends and family besides me who take care of me in this phase. They are my pillars of strength and fulfilling their wishes of seeing me as a powerful business woman has now become my vision.

I have been working in the Social Development Sector (Healthcare) as a Regional Manager- Research and Evidence Building. Considering the philanthropic nature of healthcare, I wasn’t quite sure about health being a business. From PGPPRO class, I started to look at the world of healthcare very differently. I began to realise that providing health services like vaccination and screening, awareness programs, lowering costs, behaviour change communication, access to services, publications, media highlights, door to door marketing of your services and meeting the government to name a few, is branding my business especially when I am involved in provision of care and services. Much of the ‘business’ I was already handling at large but ISB gave a new language to my communication and I feel confident in the business world. PGPPRO has given a new vision to my career and the learning’s from the course are getting better with every passing day. It instils the skills of a good leader who demonstrates what is possible is business world. It has taught me strategies to make appropriate choice for mybusiness.

It is challenging to be in a course that will make you go through cases and study materials that you haven’t seen or heard before, one needs to work in groups and at times have their solutions challenged. In the classrooms we have buddies with different educational backgrounds with varied professional experiences. This helps us to learn from each other during assignments and informal interactions. It enhances peer learning.

It is a privilege to have dedicated and world class professors, assistants and everyone at ISB who guide us as and when required and as they proudly say, “our time is your time.” This totally makes you be at home.

The program design and methodology is very intense, developed at a fast pace and it keeps you on your toes. It will make you what you are. It will make you go through this roller coaster journey and in the end it is all worth it as leadership is all about transformation and enhancing your skills.


Varada Madge is a PGPpro Candidate from the Class of 2017

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