Perspectives from ISB

Here are some last minute frequently asked questions, that will help you gain clarity regarding your application to ISB in the cycle-2.application-1756278_960_720

1.       When is the last date to submit the GMAT/GRE score?
January 15, 2017 is the last date to submit your test scores. If you take the standardised test on January 15, you can directly report it from the Test center. Don’t forget to plug in your scores and submit your application on or before the Deadline.

2.       When should you submit my recommender details?
It is best you give your recommender ample of time to do justice to your evaluation, so do this as soon as possible. You will have to enter their name, phone number and official email address, and an evaluation link will be sent to them.

3.       Who should be your evaluator?
Ideally, your evaluator should be someone who has had a chance to observe your work closely in the recent past. Your evaluator should be familiar with your abilities, areas of improvement etc. Here is a detailed blog on the same
4.       What if you want to change your evaluator details?
Write to and request for the change

5.       What is the eligibility for the Need-based scholarships?
The family income should be less that Rs 10 lacs. Family income includes the income/ pension of you father, mother, spouse and any unmarried sibling if any. Income proofs for the same need to be submitted

6.       Do we get merit-based scholarships in Cycle 2?
Yes, we do give out 50% of the merit scholarships in the Cycle 2

7.       What are the scholarships available in Cycle 2 ?
Apart from the need-based and merit-based scholarships, there are corporate scholarships and alumni endowments are given out once you join ISB. Here are more details of the same

8.       What is the eligibility for the merit-based scholarships?
Everyone who applies to ISB is by default considered for the merit-based scholarship. The overall application is evaluated for the same – the GMAT, Acads, Quality of Workex and Interview performance all count.
9.       What should we project in the essays?
You can base your essays to highlight your strengths. Here is a blog on what do we look for in a candidate

10.   Is being a re-applicant a deterrent?
No, ISB doesn’t differentiate between fresh applicants and re-applicants. If you are a re-applicant, do highlight your achievements from the last time you have applied.
Hope these answers clear your doubts. Do write to should you need more information

All the best with your application.