Perspectives from ISB

One of the most crucial part of your application to ISB is your recommendation letter. This year the PGP application process requires one independent evaluation. All PGP applicants have to choose one evaluator who can give the admissions team a snapshot of the candidate’s abilities. This evaluation helps in determining whether the candidate is a good fit for the programme.

The candidate has to nominate an evaluator by providing the evaluator’s name, designation and official email id. The evaluator will be sent an evaluation form by email and instructions on how to fill it. The evaluator provides inputs on  the applicant’s strengths, areas of improvement, achievements, leadership potential, etc and will require at least 45 to 60 mins to fill the form.

Who should write your recommendation?

The selection of the evaluator/ recommender is very crucial for the application. Here are some pointers to keep in mind for selecting your evaluator.

  • Ideally, you should nominate someone who had a chance to observe your work closely in the recent past. Your evaluator should be familiar with your abilities, areas of improvement etc.
  • In case you are not comfortable nominating your current boss, you can nominate others who have had a chance to observe your working style and personality – previous manager, mentor, client, etc.
  • If you are in family business or have your own start-up, your evaluator can be a vendor, supplier, client, customer, auditor, banker etc. Avoid approaching co-founders or blood relatives.
  • It is impactful to choose an evaluator whose performance has been impacted by the work you put in. His/her inputs will provide deeper insights.

How can the evaluation be submitted?

The evaluation submission can be done in two ways: online and offline.

We prefer an online evaluation, it’s convenient and is preferred by most evaluators as well. Here the evaluator will be sent a link to the form, He/ She will have to answer few questions online.

For offline evaluation, an evaluation form and an upload link will be sent to the evaluator. The form can be downloaded, a printed copy should be filled, signed and scanned into PDF format.  This should then be  uploaded via the shared link.

Evaluator details must be submitted on or before the application deadline (Oct 15, 2016, for Round 1; Jan 15, 2017, for Round 2).  It is however, advisable to do so well ahead of deadline to provide adequate time to the evaluator.