Perspectives from ISB

By Nidhi Reddy, Head of Admissions, PGP, PGPMAX & MFAB

I’m often asked about the essential qualities/ traits we look for in a PGP aspirant and how one can build a strong ISB application. Based on information available from various sources, people draw conclusions about the selection process. Often these perceptions are disparate and far from reality. So, let me take this opportunity to clarify and tell you how you can build a strong application.

To know what it takes to make a strong application, it is essential that one understands what we are looking for in a candidate. The application process is designed to identify smart individuals, with a track record of performance in whatever they do.  Through the process, we evaluate a candidate on three broad parameters – Analytical Ability & Academic Potential, Leadership Potential and Personal Attributes.

Analytical Ability & Academic Potential:

Your GMAT score indicates your ability to evaluate complex information in a time-bound manner, consequently indicating your Analytical Abilities. Your academic records, on the other hand, tell us about your capability to learn in a structured programme. It reflects your potential to cope with the academic rigor that the PGP at  the ISB demands. You don’t strictly need to have aced your academics, but having a balanced and consistent track record in your academic performance helps strengthen your case.

Having said that,  the GMAT score is not the be all & end all of your prospects at ISB. It is just one of the many evaluation factors – so, if you have other strengths, you may make it even with an average GMAT score.  While a high GMAT score is an advantage, an average GMAT doesn’t necessarily mean a rejection. As ISB, a small number of applicants with GMAT scores as low as 600 make it to the Class every year, whereas, a number of applicants with a GMAT score of 740+ get rejected at the same time.

Tip: Since academic scores cannot be altered, to prove your academic and analytical skills, score well on your GMAT.

Leadership Potential & Personal Attributes:

Your achievements at work, your choice of extra-curricular activities and your involvement in them display your ability to lead and influence people, organize activities and your ambition to see a project to its end etc are characteristics of aspiring leaders. You must emphasize these qualities in your essays. Your essays should clearly reflect your personality, your goals and expectations.

Tip: Highlight the key responsibilities & projects you have handled at work. Identify your strengths and back them up with examples in your essays. Be prepared to talk about it during the interview.

Tip: A strong application tells us your story. To make yourself stand out among the sea of applicants, you need to spend a fair amount of time making a compelling application.

Now that you know how your application will be assessed, work on it based on the given tips to make a strong case.
All the best!