Perspectives from ISB

There are three broad areas on which we evaluate the potential of a candidate

1. Academic Record:

We believe a good academic record is an indicator of the candidate’s ability to take up the rigour of the programme. We evaluate candidates on two things

A) The Academic Foundation and B) GMAT Score

A) Academic foundation would mean a candidate’s schooling and under graduation.  We are looking for strong 12th standard scores and graduation grades.

B) GMAT Score: While there is no minimum score required for admission. The scores in the current class range from 600 to 780. We consider only the highest valid GMAT score. We look at the overall score and do not have any sectional cut-offs.

Having said that the standardized tests are just one of several admission criteria. A high score does not guarantee admission and a below average score does not eliminate a candidate. If you have poor 12th and graduation grades you can compensate for that with a good GMAT score and vice-versa.

2. Leadership Attributes:

A leader is someone who demonstrates what’s possible. — Mark Yarell

While assessing your application, we look for people who have demonstrated leadership qualities in their professional or personal lives. Leadership qualities don’t necessarily mean leading teams – they could also mean the initiatives you had taken, your achievements, impact-orientation and career progression.

Your essays and recommendation letter play a critical role in giving us clarity on your strengths in this section of evaluation.

3.Personal Attributes:

In this section we assess your personal attributes on various parameters–like your ability to handle pressure, innovate, think analytically and creatively, your personal and moral integrity, communication skills, learnability etc  Your extracurricular activities and interests beyond your work life gives us insights on your personal qualities. At ISB, we would look for versatile and well-rounded individuals who can contribute to the society in positive and meaningful ways. The personal attributes are assessed through your essays and interview process.

You have to fare well in all the three areas to get an offer from ISB.