Perspectives from ISB

To an aspiring professional, there’s nothing more valuable than structured learning and mentoring at the right time. At ISB, we recognize the need for such expert guidance and have created the Young Leadership Programme (YLP) to fulfill the needs of undergraduate students who envision a lasting career in management.

The YLP is open to applicants from around the world. If you are a pre-final year, undergraduate student who can claim outstanding academic performance or prowess in extra-curricular activities, then you would be the ideal candidate for the programme. Applicants from all fields of study such as arts, commerce or science are welcome to apply for the YLP.

The application process consists of three stages and can be carried out entirely online, eliminating the need for physical documents. To apply, a student must remit a fee of INR 1,000.

The stages of the application process are explained below.

Stage 1:

Submission of the following information:

  • Academic information
  • Extra-curricular information
  • Essay as per the topic provided
  • Scanned copies of
    • Recent passport-sized colour photograph
    • Academic mark sheets and certificates
    • Signed statement of integrity
    • One-page resume
    • Student ID card or letter from the college

Once your information has been screened, and if you’re shortlisted, you go through to the second stage of the application process.

Stage 2:

In the second stage of the application process to the YLP, students are required to write and submit two essays. Topics for the essays will be provided. Applicants also need to provide two recommendations in the format advised on the application portal. Scanned copies of the following documents also need to be submitted:

  • Main page of the passport displaying passport number, name, date of birth and citizenship
  • GMAT score (the test centre or unofficial score report would also suffice in lieu of the same)
  • TOEFL score, if applicable

These documents need to be scanned in 150 or 200 dpi in a PDF format.

Completed applications from the second stage are reviewed by the Admissions Office and applicants are shortlisted.

Stage 3:

In the final stage of the application process, candidates who have been shortlisted from the previous stage are invited for interviews. Applicants who are from India are interviewed in person, while applicants abroad are interviewed over voice calls/Skype.

Some aspects to be remembered while applying include:

  • The application at all stages must be provided in entirety. Incomplete applications will not be considered for review.
  • Preference of campus (Hyderabad or Mohali) must be stated clearly to give us a chance to accommodate your preference to the extent possible.

Through the YLP, we aim to nurture and guide tomorrow’s leaders by igniting the spark of excellence in them. Being part of the YLP also provides students the opportunity to join the privileged Post Graduate Programme in Management at ISB, further honing their potential and ensuring that a comprehensive roadmap to success is charted out.