Perspectives from ISB

Charting out the right career path is a daunting task for any young dreamer. Harbouring a general idea of the career one wants to pursue is one thing, but knowing how best to create a successful career needs expert assistance from the industry. The Young Leaders Programme (YLP) at ISB bridges the gap between ambitious dreams and reality with guidance and mentoring from experts. This one-of-a-kind programme identifies potential and cultivates leadership capabilities at the right stage of education.

Engineered to accelerate career growth, YLP helps hone future business leaders through structured learning curriculum, mentoring and networking. The programme specifically focuses on undergraduates, training them and providing them the opportunity to be part of one of the country’s most privileged programmes for aspiring managers.

One aspect that sets this leadership programme apart from the others is intensive Learning Weekends. The four sessions of Learning Weekends, conducted once in six months, form the essence of the programme, providing students an insight to what a B-school education requires. Students develop the right thought processes to enhance corporate problem solving abilities in these classes. Their awareness of career options and opportunities is improved upon to ensure that they make better decisions.

At YLP Learning Weekends, experts across domains mentor and counsel students, steering them towards the right career moves. They help students identify and heighten leadership potential. Key skills for managers such communication, presentation and relationship management are also focused on during these sessions. Additionally, students can benefit from networking with their peers, setting up the foundation for successful careers.

The Learning Weekend modules require students to submit assignments which are evaluated by faculty. Based on the evaluation, students are provided feedback. Evaluation summaries are maintained for every student after each module to keep a growth record. This facilitates identification of scope for development for students.

With Learning Weekends, YLP ensures that aspiring leaders enjoy better clarity and sense of direction with respect to their careers.