Perspectives from ISB

With just over a week to go for the Round 2 deadline in the ISB PGP 2014-15 application cycle, I’m sure the activity level among our applicants is at a peak. Those who were not ready to submit before the Round 1 application deadline could always opt to apply in Round 2, but those applying now have no such safety net; you need to be disciplined about preparing and submitting your final application within the stipulated time period. To ensure that you are on top of everything, I strongly suggest that you go through the application checklist and pointers shared during the Round 1 application cycle. This is important.

In addition to finalising your application, my suggestion is that you start working on additional tasks that have a shorter buffer this time around, as compared to Round 1:

  1. Documents Although we do not require documents like marks cards, degree certificates, offer letters, etc to be uploaded at the time of submitting the application, you will be required to upload them if you receive an interview call. So if you do not have them with you and need to collect them from different locations like your home, college, previous workplace, etc, please arrange for this to be done now. The full list of required documents is available in the application portal.
  2. Evaluators – If you have not identified who your evaluators are going to be, identify them now. Remember, they too have a busy schedule and need time to fill in the evaluation form. It is not necessary for the evaluation to come in before or on the deadline of the application. All that a candidate needs to do is identify the evaluators in the space provided in the application portal and submit the details. Once that is done, the candidate can complete the application in all other respects and submit it.
  3. Interview preparation – Ensure that your essays and application represent you accurately. We will be going through them in great detail and they are likely to play a central role in your interview, should you be shortlisted for it. It may also be a good idea to get started on your interview preparation at this time. Here are some tips on preparing for the interview.
  4. Transition preparation – In the event that you get an offer of admission to ISB in Round 2, you will have limited time to prepare for the transition. So it would be in your best interest to give some thought to the possible transition to a new life and lifestyle, and perhaps discuss the implications with those who are likely to be affected by such a move.

If you have already prepared a strong application and are confident about your profile, get ready for the next phase in the application cycle. If not, you still have time (albeit, limited) to put in the necessary effort to change the course of your life. The next 10 days are crucial and represent the home stretch. Now is the time to give it your all, leave no stone unturned, and make the most compelling statement you possibly can. And if you need any help along the way, do not hesitate to contact us.

All the best!